Benjamin has been at Medblle since 2017 and heads up the Product team. As well as having strong technical skills, his ability to think creatively and focussing on patient experience has made him an invaluable member of the team.

Medbelle position

Head of Product





After working to help establish food and tech start-ups, Benjamin was drawn to Medbelle’s mission to revolutionise healthcare and by using his technological skills as a way to have a positive, profound impact on patients. Building the patient and clinician facing apps, there are few others that have as great of an understanding of the patient journey and experience. Benjamin leads his product team to ever improve the users’ experience, simplifying and digitalising processes that can so often in the medical industry be outdated.


  • Leads the product team and provide expert strategy and guidance to all departments
  • Develop easy to use and powerful patient-facing app that empowers patients to manage their patient journey all in one hand
  • Develop intuitive and simplified medical and organisation platform for clinicians
  • Develop an internal "Care Management System" that empowers our Patient Care Advisers to provide a level of care that would be unimaginable without technology
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