Benjamin Leitz

Benjamin Leitz

Qualifications and Experience

5 years at Medbelle (Jan 2017)

Benjamin studied Business Administration at the WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management (Germany). Before joining Medbelle 5 years ago, he worked at several tech start-ups, gaining experience in how technology can be leveraged to improve lives (e.g. HelloFresh, Minodes).

Job Role

Together with Medbelle's Software Engineering Team and Product Managers, Benjamin is responsible for Medbelle's digital products: Using digital technology to make medical care simpler, better and more human. To enable this, the Product & Engineering department has built:

  • A patient-facing app, that empowers patients to manage their patient journey & always get their questions answered
  • Our clinician & hospital interface to enable efficient¬† delivery of care
  • An internal "Care Management System" that empowers our Patient Care Advisers to provide a level of care that would be unimaginable without technology

Why Medbelle?

"I could not imagine a better place: I work with brilliant, passionate people on the shared goal of fundamentally improving healthcare. My part in it is working on a digital product, that actually has a profound impact in people's life."

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