Daniel Kolb

Daniel co-founded Medbelle with Leander de Laporte. Building the business from the ground up, Daniel’s passion and vision is felt throughout the company. As well as leading strategy he is also head of Culture & Talent at Medbelle

Medbelle position

Co-founder, Strategy, and Head of Culture & Talent



Daniel Kolb


When Daniel co-founded Medbelle in 2016, he already had prior experience of founding and running a company with over 30 employees. To focus on a new and more ambitious goal of digitally revolutionising healthcare, he sold his previous company to give his all to setting up Medbelle. Providing strategy, hard work and unique insights, Daniel has transformed Medbelle into how we see it today as a thriving business that is making positive impacts on patients’ lives and changing healthcare. By working with doctors in their paper-based practices, he realised the potential of digitising healthcare and started building the world’s first digital hospital. He is very people-focused and leads Culture & Talent, including managing the HR team. Ensuring the Medbelle team feel valued and that their mental, physical and emotional health is at its peak is very important to Daniel.


  • Ensure the tone, culture and values of Medbelle are maintained when hiring prospective candidates
  • Provides strategic planning and insights to lead the company to help benefit more and more patients
  • Keeping the Medbelle team happy and maintain well-being with a focus on mental health
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