Daniel Kolb | Co-Founder, Strategy, Culture & Talent


Medbelle Position

Co-founder, strategy and talent

Years at Medbelle



Mentoring, business management and administration

Daniel Kolb | Co-Founder, Strategy, Culture & Talent

Qualifications and Experience

Daniel has degrees in psychology and business management from the University of Hagen and the University of Southern California, Following his studies, Daniel:

  • Built an education company with 30 employees prior to Medbelle
  • Held mentoring positions within in digital health

Daniel has developed his skills and expertise by gaining many years of experience across various sectors. From healthcare to mentorships, all aspects of his personal development have made him a strong leader and founder at Medbelle.

Job Role

Leading the Culture & Talent department means Daniel takes care of the entire team's needs. Daniel feels that if the team feels taken care of, they can fully focus on taking care of the patients. This includes helping those settle into the company and fully understanding the values of Medbelle and helping with integration into work and social aspects of the business. Ensuring members of staff feel valued and that their physical, mental and emotional health is at its peak makes for a happy workplace environment.

Why Medbelle?

"Using my talents and time in something where I truly can have a positive impact on other’s lives in an area that actually matters to them gives me a sense of meaning."

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