David Ireland | Head of Strategic Partnerships


Years at Medbelle



Health Science at Queensland University

David Ireland | Head of Strategic Partnerships

Qualifications and Experience

Time at Medbelle: Joined May 2018

  • David studied Health Science at Queensland University of Technology (Australia), after graduating he worked in digital health consulting helping to source and integrate innovative technologies into larger organisations such as health insurers and pharmaceuticals.

Having worked across four continents, David has developed skills and knowledge in the following:

  • Strategic international partnerships & stakeholder management
  • Cross-functional digital business development
  • Business case modelling & analytics
  • Department management and growth strategies
  • Unit economics of private healthcare in the United Kingdom

Job Role

David is responsible for the acquisition and nurturing of all of Medbelle's relationships with hospitals, surgeons and all other relevant individuals in the healthcare sector. He ensures all patients have access to the UK top surgeons and that all aspects of their care are of the highest quality and taken care of by Medbelle.

Why Medbelle?

“The healthcare industry has for a long time been lagging behind other industries in its transition to digital. The industry also continues to struggle with disjointed care pathways. My motivation to work at Medbelle is to strive for digital change in healthcare so that patients get to enjoy a more integrated, seamless care pathway, driven by quality.”

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