Tony Toor

Medbelle position

Chief Commercial Officer


MBBS, MBA, BSc(Hons), MSc.

Tony Toor


Tony joined Medbelle in 2021 and has brought to the team over a decade of clinical experience, including his experience as a family doctor registered with the Royal College of General Practitioners. Tony is a natural fit in Medbelle as his own passion for digital health and implementing value-based healthcare strategy is reflected in his previous Health-Tech leadership roles and also in his post-graduate courses at Cambridge University and the London School of Economics. Tony’s position as Chief Commercial Officer combines his interests in healthcare, strategy and driving change. His ultimate goal to positively disrupt the healthcare landscape is already being felt in Medbelle and beyond.


  • Working within the leadership team to set strategy and help drive growth
  • Identifying and fostering synergic partnerships across the healthcare landscape that champion value-based healthcare

Motivation & Inspiration

What motivated you to join Medbelle and the healthcare industry in general?

"I am really passionate about delivering personal and sustainable healthcare. I joined Medbelle because here I found a passionate group of individuals who share my resolve in wanting to deliver value-based healthcare and a patient-centric experience. At Medbelle, we are proving these two things don’t have to be mutually exclusive and as a result, we are really transforming healthcare delivery."

Best memory with a patient or in the industry

"The waiting list for cataract surgery is amongst the longest and regrettably, the backlog continues to grow. At Medbelle, we have reimagined the way we can deliver cataract surgery. By leveraging the expertise of opticians, we have been able to compress costs, secure one of the UK’s leading Moorfields trained eye surgeons and a world-class facility in the Harley St. enclave, all for an ultra-competitive price. Launching this entirely new service, where we have been able to deliver better care, a better experience and a better price, is truly one of my fondest memories."

If there was one thing you wish everyone knew.

"At Medbelle, we are working hard to focus on value-based healthcare. This means intervention (including surgery) might not necessarily be the first or best option. Our partner surgeons are committed to our resolve on focusing on what is best for our patients rather than focusing on volume."

One piece of advice you would give patients looking into ophthalmic /ortho surgery.

"Use our PCAs as a source of knowledge to help complement your own research. We want our patients to be well informed and supported throughout this very personal and significant journey."

Education and Qualifications
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