Emily Jane

Emily is a trained Nurse with over a decade of experience in the field. She uses her medical background and knowledge to write Medbelle medical pages and train the Patient Care team

Medbelle position

Medical Quality Manager


BN (Hons)

Emily Jane


Emily joined Medbelle in 2019 and has been very active in training the Patient Care Advisers on the latest treatment knowledge and utilising her vast post-operative aftercare experience to help ensure patients are receiving the best quality care. Her ability to explain complex surgical information into easy to understand and readable writing has helped 1000s of patients searching for information. Working as a diabetes specialist Nurse has given Emily the ability to really empathise with patients and understand how to help them best.


  • Writing high-quality medical content and treatment information for patients to have a sound understanding of their procedure
  • Training the patient care team to answer questions and provide robust information to patients
  • Working cross-departmentally to ensure the accuracy and quality of medical information within Medbelle and with our partners is upheld
Work Experience

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