Sebastian Mueller | Entrepreneur in Residence


Years at Medbelle



Business administration and strategy consulting

Sebastian Mueller | Entrepreneur in Residence

Qualifications and Experience

Joined Medbelle in 2018

Sebastian has a master's degree in business administration from the University of Mannheim and went on to further study in Berlin, Boston and Melbourne.

Previous work experience:

  • Strategy Consulting at Strategy&
  • Head of Finance at Medbelle

Job Role

Sebastian has had multiple roles during his time at Medbelle, from the head of department for finance to his current role, Sebastian has been a key player in turning Medbelle into the company it is today. He is able to offer insight and reflection to all decisions made and ensure that any developments continue to benefit the patients.

Why Medbelle?

"I loved the team's dedication to really have an impact in the area of healthcare. I wanted to be part of a greater vision which centres around helping people and making their lives easier. Being at Medbelle provides me with the opportunity to work on an inspiring project along with people I highly value both professionally and personally."

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