Why a Consultation is Your Next Best Step

Having a free, no-obligation consultation with an expert surgeon provides patients with tailor-made advice and realistic expectations for the cosmetic procedure they are considering.

Why a Consultation is Your Next Best Step

Written by Chloe Gale

Medical Review by Medical Quality Officer, David Jones , MPharm

Published: Monday, 22 August 2022

Plastic surgery is a very personal decision, so many factors go into making your choice. Patients are advised to do their research and be aware of all commitments involved, such as appointments, time off work, recovery periods and financial obligations. It makes sense that an individual considering having a procedure has lots of questions and is wary about making a decision. This is where the free, no-obligation consultation with the surgeon comes in.

Having a Consultation with a Surgeon

Once a patient has gone through websites, watched videos and spoken to friends and family, they can hit a stalemate. It’s near impossible to have all your personal requirements and concerns met by generic information. This is why we offer all our cosmetic patients free consultations with their surgeon, face-to-face or sometimes via video call. It allows patients to sit down with a highly-experienced expert surgeon who specialises in the procedure they are considering and ask all their questions. They will then receive honest, no-biased, personalised advice from the surgeon. They’ll be able to make you aware of:

  • Your recommended procedure or if in fact, surgery is recommended at all
  • Your likely results
  • Recovery period
  • Possible risks and complications

The consultation is an opportunity to have a detailed discussion with the surgeon so the patient is clear about surgery before they give their consent. Following the consultation, the patient is equipped with a more personalised outlook on their possible procedure, and there is no obligation for the patient to move forward with the surgery. We want to ensure we don’t gate-keep medical advice and allow all patients to receive access to specialists that will enable the patient to make the best possible decision for them and their needs.

The Patient's Perspective

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