Breast Implant Replacement Before and After pictures

Discover our Before & After Breast Implant Replacement pictures

Breast Implant Replacement ##Before## and ##After## pictures

Breast implant replacement surgery is a common surgical procedure in which your surgeon removes your existing breast implants and replaces them with a newer set. If you have breast implants, it is generally advised that your breast implants will last for up to 25 years. However, you should consider a check-up every 8-10 years.

A breast implant replacement procedure can ease the anxieties of patients who might be worried about their ageing implants or if patients have PIP implants. Breast implant replacement surgery may also be advised to patients should they experience any surgical complications such as implant rupture or capsular contracture, or if they are no longer content with how their breasts look.

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Changing the size of your implants, or amending the aesthetics of your breasts can be a huge boost of confidence, especially if any surgical complications have made the shape of your breasts look unnatural or induced a degree of unwanted asymmetry.

We are committed to helping you reach informed decisions about your body. By offering genuine before and after photos from our patients and sharing their experiences, you can create a realistic image of what to expect and how this procedure might benefit you.

To learn more about breast implant replacement surgery, we recommend you schedule a free consultation with a Medbelle surgeon. Our experienced surgeons are always happy to help, offer personalised advice and recommend the best course of action for you. Start your journey today.

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