Breast Reduction Surgery

Realistic Expectations

Steffie Watts

by Steffie Watts

Published: October 14th, 2020

The decision to move forward with breast reduction surgery is an emotional one and can take years. It, therefore, makes sense that you'd want to be completely prepared for the possible outcomes of the breast reduction procedure.

Here at Medbelle, we're committed to supporting all patients and managing their expectations to ensure they are fully informed before making the final decision to have breast reduction surgery. Let's take a look at what to expect from your recovery and results following breast reduction surgery.

Breast Reduction Surgery Results are not necessarily permanent

The aim of the breast reduction surgery is the remove excess skin and breast tissue to reduce the size of an individual's breast/s. However, what the surgery cannot offer is permanence. If the patient goes on to gain or lose weight then the results are likely to be affected. The same can be said for pregnancies and breastfeeding.

Having surgery will offer some relief to patients who struggle with large breasts whether physically or emotionally, but it's important to know that you'll need to do all you can to maintain results. It is for that reason that patients are recommended to be at their goal weight prior to surgery and have completed their family before having the procedure.

Your surgeon will, of course, discuss likely outcomes with you in consultation.

You cannot guarantee a cup size

Cup sizes vary vastly between individuals. What is a D cup for one person is a C for another and this is not to mention the different sizing of various shops and brands. Having an ideal cup size in mind if a good indication to the surgeon as to how much you wish to reduce your bust by, however, it's very unlikely the surgeon can guarantee that precise size. Instead, your surgeon may talk in terms of CC (cubic centimetres) to manage your expectations and prepare you for likely results.

Scarring and other changes

Breast reduction surgery is invasive and does require incisions. The placement of the incisions will differ dependant on the scale of the reduction, but unfortunately, the incisions are unavoidable. This is one of the many reasons you should select a highly qualified BAAPS/BAPRAS surgeon who has had years of experience performing these procedures.

As a patient, you too can minimise the effects of scarring by following these guidelines:

  • Keep the scars out of the sun for up to a year after the breast reduction surgery. UV light will make the scars more prominent and could increase the chances of developing skin cancer on the healing skin
  • Massages and silicone gels and stripes should be used as per the surgeon's recommendation
  • Pay attention to your body and do not exert yourself too much during the recovery so to allow the incision sites to close smoothly
  • Give yourself time, your body is healing and over time the scars will fade more and more

Surgery is an emotional and physical challenge

More and more in the media, surgery is pitched as a "quick fix" but undergoing a breast reduction takes its toll on the body but also your emotions too. Our promise is that we'll make your experience as smooth as possible, but there will still be things that are required of you such as:

We're aware its a daunting process, but only through proper education through expert information will you know what to expect from breast reduction surgery and how to make sure you can take the right steps to get the best results. For more questions, we are always here for you. If you are unsure or unsettled by any of the topics raised in this article, feel free to contact our patient care team who will be happy to help.