COVID-19 Clinical Testing - Delivered to you (at cost price)

COVID-19 Clinical Testing - Delivered to you (at cost price)

We are proud to have supported the NHS by providing additional capacity for COVID-19 tests at cost price. We could do so due to underutilised private lab capacities. We have also provided contact details of our lab and others to the media. There are great news now: Our lab has told us that they will likely get enough orders from the NHS to fill all of their capacity next week. Therefore, we will not provide further tests from now on (Saturday, 4/4/2020, 10.00 am GMT+1) and focus on developing new services to help in the current situation. We will fulfil all orders that have already been placed and send out all tests that have been donated for critical workers or people in need.

If you are looking for private testing, we would like to recommend London Medical Laboratory who now provide testing for £149

Medbelle wants to support the UK healthcare system by increasing the number of COVID-19 tests available and ensuring there is better access to these tests to key healthcare workers as well as people in need. We are supplying these tests at cost, meaning we do not make a profit by providing them. Each test is £225.

These use proven RT-PCR testing to find if the virus itself is present in a sample or not. Other types of tests planned to hit the market soon test for antibodies.

Medbelle Covid-19 Sample Test Kit Inside (higher res)

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Our Clinical Partners

We provide COVID-19 tests free of charge to our consultant surgeons should they believe testing is appropriate. We do this to aid them as they support the NHS during this healthcare challenge.

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For Critical Service Providers

Tests are available at cost to organisations with employees at increased risk of exposure to COVID-19. We hope these may limit or prevent prolonged self-isolation or alleviate anxiety related to limited testing supplies.

For Private Individuals and Those In Need

Tests are available to private individuals. The cost of a test can also be sponsored for a person in need. We request only those with symptoms of COVID-19 or those recently exposed to COVID-19 inquire about receiving a test.

We want to help

To fight COVID-19 effectively, we need more tests to understand how the disease spreads and which measures we need to take. We have seen that even our doctors have had a hard time accessing COVID-19 tests, despite fighting on the frontline.

We have invested a lot of time to ensure the test kits are made of materials which are not needed for the NHS (National Health Service) or are in short supply. We work with certified independent laboratories that are not currently working for the NHS. Any testing capacity that we are offering is that which would otherwise go unused at this critical time. Should the NHS announce plans to expand their testing into private laboratories, we will immediately cease or hold our offer.

The tests are offered without any profit for Medbelle at this time. We provide tests free of charge for our medical personnel. The additional testing capacity we currently have is offered at cost to the general public. If we experience demand exceeding what we can supply, we will work with medical advisers who will determine the priority of need based on medical grounds. This may lead to additional waiting times for those with a lower priority need. In the event that a medical adviser finds a patient unsuitable for testing for whatever reason then we will inform and reimburse that person(s) in full immediately.

In accordance with regulations, Public Health England and the patient's GP will be notified of the results of the test.

If you have questions, please email us. Due to a high volume of enquiries your patience is greatly appreciated. We will respond within one business day.

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