How can I prepare for my call with a Patient Care Adviser?

Written by Jonathan Corke

Published: Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Your call with a Patient Care Adviser will serve as an introduction to your personal adviser, who will be with you every step of the way throughout your journey with Medbelle. The call will usually last around 15 to 20 minutes and will cover various topics from why you would like to have the procedure, to your medical history or your current financial situation.

What is the purpose of this call?

Firstly, it allows you to ask any procedure-related questions you may have. Your Patient Care Adviser will gladly answer any queries. They will offer advice on how to prepare for surgery, give an insight into surgical techniques, offer advice about aftercare and recovery. It is advised you prepare any questions upfront so you can leave your call with all your questions resolved so you know exactly what to expect in the next stages of your journey with Medbelle.

Secondly, the call can be viewed as a kind of pre-vet, so your Patient Care Adviser can obtain all necessary information from you. This way, when you visit your Medbelle surgeon for a free consultation, the time is focused on the procedure itself and what options are best for you. Your surgeon's advice is the most important information to take note of throughout your journey, your call with a Patient Care Adviser before the consultation gains all the necessary overview to maximise that important time with your surgeon.

How can I prepare for the call?

Before you speak with your Patient Care Adviser on the phone, it would be helpful to know the following information:

  • Your height and weight
  • Your medical history, including any medications you are currently taking
  • Your date of birth and your address
  • Your GP's contact details and address (it is worth noting, your Patient Care Adviser will never contact your GP without your prior consent. We do however need this information to book a consultation with our Medbelle surgeons)

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