I’m thinking of going abroad to have my Vaser liposuction, is this safe?

Many people consider going abroad for liposuction treatment, often because they perceive it to be cheaper.

Although this might seem to be a cheaper option, the costs of flights, accommodation and aftercare may mean that this is not the case. Many surgeons advise against going abroad to have any sort of cosmetic treatment. This is due to a number of reasons but it mostly concerns your safety. The things that you should consider that may hinder your safety include:

  • Your chosen surgeon’s qualifications and experience
  • The ability to be able to meet your surgeon before you have treatment
  • The possibility of language barriers that may prevent very clear and important communication with your surgeon
  • The risks associated with flying and travelling shortly before or after your procedure
  • How easy and safe it is to access after care
  • Whether you need a special type of health insurance to cover medical costs if anything were to go wrong

If you decide to go ahead with having Vaser liposuction abroad despite the above points, make sure you educate yourself on all of the risks and plan well to ensure that you are as safe as possible.