Covid-19 clinical testing terms and conditions

Covid-19 clinical testing terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Please take a moment to read this important information and ensure you understand and agree to the conditions as outlined here.

By ordering/requesting this test from Medbelle and/or sending your sample and this request form you confirm that you agree with and accept the terms below.

The testing kits should not be resold in any case. Any attempt to resell the testing kits at a higher price will result in legal action from Medbelle.

Medbelle is providing access to COVID-19 tests at this time in collaboration with London Medical Laboratory. London Medical Laboratory is responsible for the shipment of testing kits, the processing of data, the selection of laboratories and providing the results and medical advice. Medbelle provides testing kit access, handles the payment, is the primary patient contact and forwards results.

By purchasing or requesting the testing kit from Medbelle and/or sending your sample to London Medical Laboratory, you are giving the provider of this self-testing kit and London Medical Laboratory your informed consent to perform the test you have requested. Both - Medbelle and London Medical Laboratory, as well as other accredited Labs and Logistic Services, may handle your personal data as needed and with the most possible care.

Medbelle and London Medical Laboratory agree to maintain in confidence all information received from the Client or the client’s patients unless this information is required to be disclosed to the relevant authorities by law. The Client maintains responsibility for controlling any personal data provided to us for processing. We comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998, including registration with the Information Commissioners Office. Further details about how we handle data provided to us is contained in our Privacy Notice that is published on our website.

There are three options:

a.) Purchase up to 2 testing kits for yourself and/or members of your household.

b.) Purchase additional testing kits for people in need.

c.) Use our dedicated form to request a testing kit that has been purchased for people in need.

You can pay for the requested testing kits using your credit card. All credit card information is processed by Stripe. Your credit card information is not handled, seen or stored by Medbelle.

Your name, address and contact details are shared with London Medical Laboratory in order to fulfill your order and in compliance with the law.

In all cases we cannot guarantee the fulfillment of all orders due to the limitations of our laboratories and the evolving situation of the health system at this time. We will distribute the tests that are available to us to the best of our capability. Medbelle reserves the right to withhold some/part of the available tests to provide tests for medical personnel or for other reasons.

If Medbelle is unable to fulfill an order within an appropriate time frame then a medical adviser will make a decision about order of priority. If Medbelle cannot fulfill your order, you will be informed as quickly as possible and given the choice:

  1. Full refund for the testing kit(s) you ordered for yourself (please note that no refunds will be given for testing kits purchased for those in need) - or:
  2. Wait for an agreed time for testing kits to become available. If no testing kits become available Medbelle will refund you for the testing kit(s) you ordered for yourself.

If your test kit(s) has already been dispatched we regret that we are unable to cancel your order or offer refunds as we are unable to return kits that have left the laboratory. 

Tests ordered for people in need, will be distributed with the help of a medical adviser, who will prioritise the requests for donated tests based on the available information. If you ordered tests for people in need, we thank you, but we cannot provide further detail about the details of the recipient nor the results of the test, we can only assure you of their gratitude. Medbelle will publish anonymised stories online from those who have received tests and have agreed to share their story.

Please note that this test is for information purposes only and is never a substitute for seeing a doctor, particularly if you have any symptoms. We provide your results and reference ranges only and do not provide any comments on how to interpret your results. Please discuss with an appropriate health professional if a test is right for you at this time and the results given by the test. Medbelle cannot be made liable for actions taken or not taken on the basis of the test results. Swab tests must never be relied on to provide a diagnosis or start treatment without the advice of a doctor. It is your responsibility to follow up any of your results with an appropriate health professional.

A link to your results will be sent to the email address you have provided as soon as they are available.

The laboratory analysis is conducted with highest scientific care. It can still provide false results (false negatives, false positives). This can be due to for example an inaccurate taken or contaminated sample. We therefore can not accept any liability for the test results or any actions taken or not taken because of the test results. We will only refund in full a test with an proven inaccurate or incomplete result.

We cannot be held responsible if your sample does not get to London Medical Laboratory and no refunds will be given for results being delayed beyond the next day for any reason beyond our control, or the sample being lost by Royal Mail.

Your sample must be sent the same day it was taken or it will likely degrade and not be able to be tested. Occasionally the laboratory is unable to test samples because the sample is too small or it has deteriorated. If this happens, we will get in touch by email or phone to give you the option of:

1) Sending you another kit (or going back to the place you obtained your self-testing kit and getting another one) free of charge.


2) Cancelling the order and requesting a full refund.

Please note: Every reasonable effort will be made to turnaround results within the stipulated and agreed timeframes, although Medbelle will not accept financial penalties should these timeframes be breached.

Medbelle and its directors, staff and agents will not accept responsibility for any defects or error in tests and consequences of any such error, which are as a result of omissions and inaccuracies in the information or sample given.

Refunds for failing to provide results to client or their patient: Medbelle will refund you if we are unable to deliver the results of COVID-19 tests that we agreed to process after reasonable efforts have been made to deliver this service.

Please contact us by phone or email if you have any problems or have any questions.

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