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It’s not hard to see why more patients needing orthopaedic surgery are choosing to go private with Medbelle.

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We're leading the way in private orthopaedic care

At Medbelle, we have set out to provide the outstanding care we'd love to experience ourselves. To do so, we advance orthopaedic care in every way. Here's how:

The UK's Leading Surgeons

We hand-pick our orthopaedic consultant surgeons. Every one of them has glowing reviews and is a highly experienced registrar of the GMC specialist register. This is one of many reasons we are the best-rated medical provider in the UK.

Personal One-to-One Support

Your personal Patient Care Adviser will follow your journey every step of the way, and and is always on hand to answer your questions (or just have a chat). They will organise behind the scenes so you can focus on the important things.

Don't worry about finances

Private healthcare can be accessible to everyone. Whether you want to pay yourself, explore finance options for monthly instalments or are covered by your private medical insurance - we're here to talk you through your options.

We are specialists for knee and hip procedures

As providing quality end-to-end is essential for us, we currently solely focus on knee and hip-related procedures. You can find detailed information about your condition or procedure below.

Your Medbelle orthopaedic journey

Your condition and recommended treatment mean you’ll have an individualised Patient Pathway. We will only recommend surgery when it is absolutely necessary.

Here’s what you can expect:

1. Consultation: A specialist surgeon assesses your condition.
-> First consultations with Medbelle are free.

2. Diagnostic Scans: You might need scans (x-rays, CT & MRI) for the surgeon to make a final diagnosis.
-> In case needed, Medbelle facilitates these for all patients.

3. Diagnosis: Your surgeon talks you through your treatment plan, in person.
-> Medbelle will provide your date and finance/price options

4. Treatment:

  • Non-surgical Pathway: May include physiotherapy and/or other non-surgical treatments.
  • Surgical Pathway: -> Medbelle will organise your treatment and support you right through to recovery

5. Aftercare: Your patient care adviser will be in touch with you throughout the whole process to make sure you're in the best hands.

Remember, our Patient Care Team is here to guide you through the process one step at a time, so you don’t have to feel overwhelmed or alone when progressing through your patient pathway.

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