Mini Abdominoplasty

Tahlii Kassin's story

Mini Abdominoplasty
Tummy Tuck (Mini)




Tummy Tuck (Mini)




Jonathan Britto

What were the first steps you took towards having treatment?

My initial research began when I was about 18 years old. I tried everything imaginable to get rid of the fat around my midsection from different diet/eating habits & fasting to various forms of exercise such as intense cardio, yoga, high intensity interval training & weightlifting. After the long battle with diet and exercise continues to fail at changing my midsection I sought medical help first through my GP who recommended a nutritionist who in turn tested me for any potential food intolerances. At that time my quest was completely fruitless so I took it upon myself to seek out another opinion, a plastic surgeon. I started by searching google and watching insane YouTube videos that I must admit scared me beyond measure but I digress, I continued a broad search of the potential issues I could have and possibly the surgeries I might require (I basically gained an online degree in plastic surgery.) I wrote an extremely large list of consultant agencies, hospitals and surgeons then streamlined the list using things such as years of experience, customer satisfaction, photos, reviews, website content, area, pros and cons etc. Medbelle really had no competition they had everything I was looking for & once I came in contact with David (my surgery guru) I was sold now I guess the rest is history.

How was your first call with your patient care adviser?

Three words...I adore David! He was and is amazing; honestly I was so skeptical in the beginning stages even after all the research completely unsure of what I was getting myself into or even if I was actually going to go forward with an actual surgery but David reassured me in every way and he never pressured me to do any single thing. He provided me with as much information as possible before actually seeing a surgeon he also helped me decide on the best surgeon for me as well as sharing the process leading up to a potential surgery step by step. I have no complaints about Medbelle or David at all. Thank you so much guru you are the absolute best!

How was your consultation?

I was pleasantly surprised by the initial consultation with Dr. Britto. He was very inviting and helped my partner and I to feel completely comfortable he asked and answered numerous questions before he suggested the type of surgery I needed. He took a look at my problem area (only after asking if I it was okay for him to do so). One of the things I liked was that he knew almost immediately what the issue was and reassured me that this was beyond my control and nothing I did had caused it outside of rapid weight loss. What I liked most of all was Dr. Britto’s kind demeanor and his vast knowledge of the procedure which he managed to explain so easily. Also he wears the coolest glasses & he had warm hands (very hard to find in a great doctor right!)

How did you feel leading up to your treatment?

Extremely Excited about getting my hard earned body to become a visual reality. a little anxious but so very ready to be catered to for a little while. R&R here I come! Although I am sad about not being able to go to the gym I’ve kind found a love for it.

How did you feel on the day of your treatment?

I woke up feeling the same as the day before, excited but slightly more anxious. Once I arrived at the hospital I was super nervous but ready. The hospital is absolutely gorgeous I felt like I was checking into a hotel. Everything happened so quickly I was welcomed, admitted and given a change of clothes within the first 15-30 minutes. Every staff member I came into contact with was pleasant and more than willing to assist in any way. I really liked the service they provided and how quickly I was taken to surgery I assumed I would have to wait for longer but I was in the table in a little over an hour after arriving which helped with my nerves as I didn’t have too much time to overthink. The nurses were amazing they helped me with everything and they also gave me great advice for recovery. For example how to stand or lay to ease the strain on my incisions, the best times to take my prescriptions & the potential side effects etc. I would recommend to any other patient to be open minded and not to underestimate the swelling and soreness.

How did you feel the day after your treatment?

The day after surgery I was extremely tired and somewhat weak but I pushed myself to eat and walk around the house a bit (very slowly) I wasn’t expecting to be as sore as I was because my surgery was slightly different from the typical mini abdominoplasty. I didn’t have to have work done to my muscles or liposuction, just excess skin was removed. I would advise other patients to be completely prepared for pain. Also pillow pillow pillows are a must. I’m a side sleeper usually so I had a hard time laying and sleeping on my back but pillows helped with that and having pillows to elevate my legs to take some of the pressure off the incision.

One week after treatment

Today marks exactly a week since I had my surgery and I can honestly say I feel better than expected. As far as pain I can say for me it’s rather low mind you I’m still quite numb around my midsection (which is normal according to my surgeon). I visited Dr. britto earlier this week and had my bandages removed and he gave me the green light to resume bathing and sleeping normally! (I swear I’ve never been happier!). I’m beginning to get back into the swing of things slowly but surely, I’ve started to do things on my own. One thing that pleasantly surprised me was after the the bandages were removed there was a layer or tape that will naturally come off as the stitches dissolve etc. I detest the sight of the scar right now BUT I am fully aware of the fact that in due time it will fade and become less and less noticeable, that I can deal with.

The best advice I can give is to be patient and keep an open mind about the process especially the incision site. Also be mindful of the amount of excess weight you go into the surgery with and whether or not liposuction is a good option for you. I had just arrived back from a summer long trip home and a brief holiday to Amsterdam (Let’s just say I ate much more than worked out) and I discussed with dr. Britto beforehand that I didn’t want to lose my natural curves so I opted out of liposuction because truthfully the excess skin was all I wanted and needed help with. Therefore I still have some fat hanging around nothing some good old exercise and balanced eating won’t fix in time.

All in all I’m happy with my progress and mobility level although I have to consciously make an effort to correct my posture from slightly crouching to upright (also quite normal and a natural effect).

One month after treatment

An entire month has passed & I am quite happy with my results and progress which continue to improve. I have little to no pain in everyday activities but I do still have some slight discomfort when I sleep from time to time. I am extremely happy because Dr. Britto has given me the go ahead to fully return to the gym (slowly but surely). There aren’t very many things I’m unhappy with but I must admit I am a highly visual person so when my surgeon explains to me what certain areas will look and feel like or heal like I only fully understand when I see it. So the tape underneath my covering is slowly but surely falling off & I can now see my actual scar/incision site. I’m obviously not ecstatic about the look but I’m on the mend and know it will take some time. So again I say although the procedure was done in a day the healing process is much much muchhhh longer so be patient it’s a virtue right. I’m happier with my no longer problem area every day & I have to thank Dr. britto and his fabulous team as well as my surgeon GURU David (also the Medbelle team).


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