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Dan is a Londoner who started working at Medbelle in 2020. He began his career as a Patient Care Adviser excited about making great changes towards the patient experience within healthcare. Over his time here, he has since been promoted to Patient Care Team Lead which involves him leading his orthopaedic team, training new members of staff and taking on further responsibilities to ensure the patient journey is seamless and as stress-free as possible. When he's not working, Dan continues to make positive changes in his local area by volunteering for a homeless charity.


  • Helping the Patient Care Advisers support their patients ensuring a positive patient experience throughout
  • Guarantee the quality of care provided remains a high standard for every patient
  • Liaising with other departments to facilitate smooth operations to ensure a stress-free patient experience
  • Creating an open learning environment, so Patient Care Advisers continue to provide the most up to date high-quality information and guidance
  • Identify training needs and provide coaching to make sure patients receive a continuously improving high standard of care and support

Dan's own words

Which aspects of your role do you find most fulfilling?

"I've had the fortune of working with both our cosmetic and orthopaedic patients and the whole experience has been incredibly rewarding. Navigating healthcare can be tricky and somewhat daunting for patients, so it's brilliant that we're able to connect the dots and provide a personal service, allowing the patient to focus on what is important. We've got a brilliant team here and it's an absolute pleasure working with people who genuinely care about providing the best patient experience possible. We're still learning and it's so great to be a part of a company that will only get better and better!"

Your best memory with a patient

"One of my orthopaedic patients was struggling to find a knee surgeon or a clinic that could provide adequate support but we were able to find a suitable surgeon who consulted him within 11 days of our initial consultation (also providing the imaging) and then surgery just 2 weeks later. He is now recovering well and his quality of life has improved significantly."

If there was one thing you wish everyone knew

"It's imperative to think of your procedure as a whole journey - initial consultation and surgery are only two parts of a very big process and you need to allow yourself time to both prepare and then also recover."

One piece of advice you would give patients looking into cosmetic surgery

"Do plenty of independent research and always go to your first consultation with plenty of questions."

Other interests

"Outside of my job, I've had the pleasure of touring the UK and Europe as a musician and my songs have been listened to by millions of people worldwide!"

Dan's reviews

" I approached several private hospitals about having a knee replacement, some never replied, others all I got was what could only be described as a receptionist who could quote from a leaflet. However, with Medbelle I received a call back from Dan explaining the options, procedures etc. without pushing me for a quick decision or pressuring me into committing myself. This included a recommendation on the surgeon, Mr Trikha in this case and the hospital to attend. Whilst the New Victoria Hospital is on the other side of London to where I live I felt that the interest shown in my case by Medbelle staff justified me taking it further. Whilst Mr Trikha is a man of few words after meeting him he did give me the confidence that this was the correct path to take. Medbelle made all the arrangements for my Operation including getting to the Hospital and other journeys I needed to make and the whole process went smoothly. As far as my stay in Hospital was concerned I was treated with respect and nothing seemed beyond the scope of the Nursing staff, Clinicians and Physio staff. Whilst I was in Hospital several people asked me why I had come such a distance to be treated here, well this is why and I am thankful that I did. Did my homework and compared different global medical providers and had some prior surgeon consultations."

Laurence from Luton

"Medbelle referenced me to BeautyGurus and everything went splendid from beginning to end. Dan from Medbelle, who did an excellent job and was always supportive from start to end of the journey, especially when my nerves flattered. The pre and postop guides were quite helpful. Burcot Hall Hospital / BeautyGurus Mr Vijh Vikram is a renowned surgeon and the outcome was excellent, he not only removed my hump but also reshaped my nose so it aligns naturally with my face. He was honest at the point of consultation and also advised about potential risks. Thanks also to Julie, the Pa of Mr Vijh who juggled all the dates and did the number crunching and coordinated all appointments. Also thanks to the excellent care of the nurse team who put my mind at ease and did a brilliant job. Medbelle were all very friendly and informative right from the beginning."

Jurgen from Bedford

"Very helpful care adviser who was able to answer my questions and was very knowledgable about the procedure. The fees were clearly explained and there was no pressure to make an appointment. I was impressed!"

Brenda from Coventry

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