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Patient Care Team Lead


Psychology BSc and Criminal Justice Policy MSc



Genevieve was born and raised in London and joined Medbelle in 2019. She started her career at Medbelle as a Patient Care Adviser and her dedication and high attention to detail led to her now working as a Team Lead. She supports her team of Patient Care Advisers and their patients with her strong sense of leadership and guidance. In her spare time, Genevieve’s compassion for others is continued as an active volunteer for a local homeless charity.


  • Helping the Patient Care Advisers support their patients ensuring a positive patient experience throughout
  • Guarantee the quality of care provided remains a high standard for every patient
  • Liaising with other departments to facilitate smooth operations to ensure a stress-free patient experience
  • Creating an open learning environment, so Patient Care Advisers continue to provide the most up to date high-quality information and guidance
  • Identify training needs and provide coaching to make sure patients receive a continuously improving high standard of care and support

Genevieve's own words

Which aspects of your role do you find most fulfilling?

"I love my job as a Patent Care Team Lead because I am able to help our patients through every aspect of their journey, to ensure they have the best possible experience. I get to work with an amazing team of patient care advisers who are all passionate about the support they provide to our patients. I also love that part of my job is to find ways we can improve our service even more on a daily basis. Finally, I love working for a company that is patient-centred and prioritises providing excellent healthcare to all of our patients."

Your best memory with a patient

"A patient of mine with whom I had a great rapport was desperate for a tummy tuck after she'd lost a lot of weight which had left her with excess skin that caused her extreme discomfort and sometimes sores. As the NHS were unable to help her, we got her booked in with an excellent surgeon of ours and her results were amazing. Just seeing how much the surgery had improved her quality of life really moved me and reminded me why we do what we do!"

If there was one thing you wish everyone knew

"There are no shortcuts when it comes to surgery! If something looks too cheap, there's usually a reason why…"

One piece of advice you would give patients looking into cosmetic surgery

"Surgery is not something that should be rushed, it's a big commitment that requires careful consideration. Take your time to do your research and make sure you are 100% ready to move forward"

Other interests

"In my spare time, I also run a homeless charity that organises volunteers to distribute essential items such as food and clothing to rough sleepers who are out on the streets"

Tracey's Tummy Tuck

Genenvieve supported me throughout my surgery. I had my tummy tuck with Mr Ahmed . Everything went so smoothly and I couldn't be happier


"Had my tummy tuck on the 17th January. It's the best decision that I ever made..."

Genevieve's Reviews

"If I could give more stars I really would, from being nervous about my ear pinning consultation in October to getting the surgery in February, I was quickly made to safe and like I was receiving the best service possible, Genevieve constantly was there to reassure me with any and every query I had whether it be appointments or just general questions to do with my procedure. So professional but not like talking to a robot who didn’t care! Actual people and having someone to talk to was such a nice touch, could not thank Medbelle and Genevieve enough"

Sydney from London

"Genevieve from Medbelle had been so attentive and helpful all the way, which made me feel very comfortable. She always spoke politely and had always followed up all my queries quickly. Her caring phone calls before and after the surgery made me feel so well looked after. Genevieve deserves the best patient care adviser medal!"

Yan from Essex

"Right from my first phone call where I was introduced to Genevieve, she made me feel so at ease and comfortable. I could open up to her about my breasts and I didn't feel embarrassed at all. Genevieve was constantly checking in throughout this time, making sure I was all ready for my surgery. She made me feel so at ease leading up to my operation! Genevieve has been so amazing throughout the whole process! She has honestly been fantastic and I couldn't have asked for anyone to have been more supportive and kind to me."

Megan from London

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