Kelly has been part of the Medbelle team since 2019. Starting out as a Patient Care Adviser before becoming a Team Lead she understands patients' needs and uses her experience in charity work and the mental health sector to go the extra mile to ensure her team provide the best care to patients.

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Patient Care Team Lead



Kelly was born in Melbourne, Australia but after completing her studies, travelled throughout Europe, finally settling in London. Kelly uses her experience in charity work, mental health sectors and customer service roles to ensure she leads her team of Patient Care Advisers with confidence. Kelly joined Medbelle in January 2019 as a Patient Care Adviser and was promoted to role of Team Leader in 2020. Her management and leadership skills means she's able to lead her team and support them as they guide patients through their treatment journeys.


  • Helping the Patient Care Advisers support their patients ensuring a positive patient experience throughout
  • Guarantee the quality of care provided remains a high standard for every patient
  • Liaising with other departments to facilitate smooth operations to ensure a stress-free patient experience
  • Creating an open learning environment, so Patient Care Advisers continue to provide the most up to date high-quality information and guidance
  • Identify training needs and provide coaching to make sure patients receive a continuously improving high standard of care and support

Kelly's own words

Which aspects of your role do you find most fulfilling?

"When I started at Medbelle I was a Patient Care Advisers so I had the pleasure of being able to connect and build lovely relationships with my patients to ensure they had a positive experience as surgery can very daunting and confronting at times. Now I am very fortunate to lead a team of wonderful patient care advisers. I love my job as Patient Care Team Leader because not only am I able to support my team to deliver support to their patients from beginning to end but I am able to identify any bottlenecks that may arise on a day to day basis and come up with solutions to streamline processes to make the entire patient journey smooth. I love that we offer patient-centred care and always have the patient experience in the forefront of what we are trying to achieve."

Your best memory with a patient

"One patient that stands out is a tummy tuck patient. She had been wanting this procedure for over 14 years after the birth of her children as she was not able to gain back her pre-baby body. She had a lot of medical and financial hurdles that prevented her from having the procedure but last year we were able to match her with one of our brilliant surgeons who was able to perform not only a tummy tuck but a breast enlargement for her. The patient is incredibly happy with her results and she looks incredible post-surgery. Seeing how happy and thankful she was for the support and guidance makes this job the more enjoyable."

If there was one thing you wish everyone knew

"Patients often come in thinking they can have a consultation or their procedure right away but this is not always the case. You need to ensure that you allow time to meet with the surgeon, confirm your procedure and organise post-op care."

One piece of advice you would give patients looking into cosmetic surgery

"It is important to make an informed decision when choosing a surgeon and you should do your research beforehand. I would recommend looking at Trust pilot reviews and having different consultations to ensure that you choose the right surgeon for you."

Other interests

"After moving to London from Australia I worked in an older people's charity where I ran a befriending service for lonely older people across the UK. This service was predominately over the telephone. I trained and matched volunteers to an older person where they would have weekly conversations."

Kelly's reviews

"Kelly from Medbelle has been brilliant. She has sorted everything out for me which is what I wanted, 3 weeks post-op and I’ve heard from her 3 times to see how I am and even sent me little gifts! From someone who has done this twice now; the first time without Medbelle and the second time with, I definitely recommend them. The experience has been easy. Thanks, Kelly xx"

Melanie from Southport

"I decided to go through Medbelle for my breast reduction as their website was clear, prices were on par with other companies and I was allowed to pick my surgeon and hospital. David and Kelly were my patient advisors and were so helpful and the main reason everything went smoothly, despite the pandemic! Due to lockdown, my original procedure date was postponed but Kelly was able to reschedule me and sort all the details out in a very short time period. She was fantastic at keeping in touch and answering all my questions. The experience of the procedure itself was a good one as everything went so smoothly and my surgeon ( Mr Edmund Fitzgerald O’Connor) was lovely to work with. He was realistic, informative and made me feel completely comfortable and able to ask questions. The operation was carried out at the Cadogan Clinic which was peaceful, friendly and clean. All the staff made me feel relaxed and taken care of. Again, even with all the extra COVID precautions. The procedure went very well and I was awake and feeling good shortly after. I was able to go home 2 hours after the operation and the following days were very manageable. I have felt supported in my post-op care and have had no complications. I am so satisfied with the results and only wish I had done it sooner! The entire process and everyone involved was so easy and smooth, I would recommend Medbelle and Mr O’Connor 100%."

Aimee from Essex

"I had a rhinoplasty with Medbelle. Honestly, at first I was a bit apprehensive. But I had a wonderful personal advisor named Kelly. She was honestly with me every step of the way and provided a wonderful surgeon, Mr Vijh. Everything went smoothly from start to finish. I cannot commend them enough, thank you guys again!"

Huma from Birmingham

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