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Rebecca was born and raised in Manchester and started at Medbelle in 2021. She has worked in many different customer-facing roles and has a natural talent for time management and organisation. Her calm and reassuring personality makes her a great fit at Medbelle and helping patients throughout their journey.


  • Guide patients through their surgical journey from the first call until recovery giving patients personalised one-to-one support
  • Responsible for all our Primary Care Partner referrals
  • Provide high-quality treatment knowledge and trusted resources ensuring all patients are informed on all aspects of their care
  • Schedule consultations between the patient and their surgeon removing the stress and hassle from the patient
  • Coordinate patients’ surgery allowing patients to concentrate on their recovery
  • Be the patient's point of contact throughout their journey giving the patients reassurance and constant support from start to finish

Rebecca's own words

Which aspects of your role do you find most fulfilling?

"It's very fulfilling and rewarding to be a Patient Care Adviser. I enjoy being able to support our patients throughout their journey, especially as this can really have an impact on their lives in an incredibly positive way. "

Your best memory with a patient

"A patient I spoke to had been struggling for a long time with losing weight. I really empathised with her, and we formed a connection. Even though she didn't have surgery through us, she said that it was nice being able to speak so openly and have someone to listen. She stayed in my mind as it was really touching that just I was able to be there for her when she felt others had not listened."

If there was one thing you wish everyone knew

"It is important that patients address their orthopaedic conditions as soon as possible to avoid more serious issues. Surgery is not always the answer, and there are many non-surgical methods which may be the best course of action."

One piece of advice you would give patients looking into orthopaedic surgery.

"Do your research and find a solution that works for you and your lifestyle. There are surgical procedures and non-surgical treatments; discussing your pain, discomfort and mobility honestly with your surgeon will allow them to recommend the best course of action. A multiskilled team also supports you, physiotherapy is a big part of rehabilitation, so it's important you're in the know of what your care will look like."

Other interests

"When I am not working with Medbelle, I am touring the world performing as a Cabaret performer and producing my own shows."

"I researched a great deal and found Rebecca at Medbelle helpful at all times and very attentive. She was informative and explained the whole process throughout.
Can't speak highly enough of Kurram Khan. he was patient and explained the procedure thoroughly. Having suffered all my life with embarrassment and ridicule, it was very important to choose wisely. Mr Khan's reassuring manner gave me confidence and throughout the whole procedure, he ensured I was comfortable and at ease. I cannot praise him highly enough and he has made an inexpressibly huge difference to my life going forward."

Mrs Jones, London

" Medbelle Have been fantastic all the way through from making my decision for surgery and the aftercare. Rebecca kept in touch throughout and was very supportive and was always on hand to answer any questions."
Emma from Manchester

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