General Quality Management

General Quality Management

Raising the standards of healthcare

At Medbelle, our patient’s well-being, alongside providing excellent levels of patient safety and quality of care is of the highest priority to us. It is for these reasons we have developed various key performance indicators to ensure our quality framework is met for all our medical procedures.

We choose our surgeons carefully.

In order to maintain the best standards of care and patient safety, all consultants wishing to work with Medbelle must be GMC registered, achieved the highest possible qualification in their respective field, and be members of relevant medical societies (e.g. BAAPS, BAPRAS, BOA). In addition, each of our surgeons must apply for practice privileges at our partner hospitals. Approval to practice at a hospital is only granted if a surgeon satisfies a comprehensive set of criteria set by the hospital’s Medical Advisory Committee.

We choose our hospitals carefully

Any hospital we partner with that is rated by the Care Quality Commission CQC must score “Good” or higher on their reports.

We listen to our patients

We understand to provide the best patient experience we must listen to our patients. Therefore, we gather patient feedback in several different ways to make sure we capture every possible potential to improve our service further.

One example of how we use patient feedback to improve our service: We gather post-consultation feedback after the patient has had their consultation with one of our surgeons as the initial consultation is one of the most important parts of the patient journey. We then take the feedback we receive from our patients to make positive comparisons between our surgeons, paying particular attention to differences in approaches, styles, techniques, topics covered, support material provided and bedside manner. This helps us match our patients with the surgeon with whom they can build a good relationship. On this basis, we provide proactive feedback to all our surgeons based on our insights to ensure the best possible consultation.

Learn more about how we collect outcome measures and feedback and utilise this to improve patient satisfaction and quality of care.

Outcome measures and PROMs
Complications, Revisions and Patient Feedback
Our Medical Advisory Committee (MAC)

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