Our Team

Discover more about our mission, departments within the company and the people changing the way we all access healthcare.

Our Team

Partnering with Medbelle means you receive support and expertise that benefits you, your patients and your practice. Each consultant receives a dedicated team across various departments within Medbelle, including:

  • Partnerships Manager: your main point of contact to help you get the most out of your Medbelle partnership, giving you and your patients the best possible experience
  • Operations Manager - administration and diary maintenance and payment processing
  • Patient Care Adviser - supporting each and every one of your patients right through to their discharge
  • Patient experience support - handles all patient feedback and ensures resolutions are found to any issues
  • Onboarding Manager - complete guidance and support with the Medbelle Operating System (Medbelle OS)
  • Marketing support - management of your surgeon profile, reviews and press announcements.

Together, your team works to ensure you can make the most of every benefit of working with Medbelle and that together, we can change healthcare for the better.


Our Patient Care Team

The Patient Care Advisers are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care and personalised one-to-one support to all patients. Each patient receives their own personal Patient Care Adviser with them from their initial enquiry or referral to their recovery and discharge. They are on hand to answer any questions or concerns, arrange all necessary appointments and provide the patient with all the relevant information regarding their treatment. This one-to-one guidance gives the patients continuous support throughout their journey.

Meet the Patient Care Team

Our Surgeons

All our surgeons are highly qualified and experienced within their speciality, be it orthopaedics, ophthalmology, or cosmetics. It’s important that our surgeons are registered with leading associations, such as the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons.

The surgeons are all vetted to ensure not only the best quality of treatment for patients but in their care and demeanour towards patients following patient feedback. Many of them have received prestigious awards for their advancements in surgical techniques, service to healthcare and charity work. We have surgeons spread across the UK to help as many patients as possible.

Meet our Surgeons
Marketing team medbelle

Our Authors

Our authors are responsible for writing and reviewing all medical content on our website, in the patient brochures and in all treatment-related emails. They ensure we stay up to date on all medical advancements and that we produce material that is educational, informative and digestible. Each one has medical training and is certified within their field.

Meet Our Authors
Operation team

Our Operations Team

The Operations team are responsible for supporting all our patients and consultants by organising the highest level of care from the surgeon, the anaesthetist, the hospital space, the operating theatre slots and aftercare appointments. Operations work hard to guarantee the same top quality for all our patients. The role of the operations team is to orchestrate the smooth running of each patient’s journey. They work closely with our surgeons, partner hospitals and the Patient Care Adviser team to arrange the necessary dates to suit the patient’s schedule. Operations are also responsible for providing thorough and constructive feedback to our surgeons; doing this means the surgeons are able to perform to the best of their ability and give all our patients a great experience. Each Operations manager is responsible for their individual hospitals to ensure better running and more streamlined processes across all our locations.

Meet the Operations Team
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Our Partnerships Team

Medbelle has been able to integrate itself into the patient pathway with the people and entities involved: hospitals, clinics, anaesthetists and most importantly, the patients themselves. Our aim has always been to improve secondary care, build a bridge between primary & secondary care and enhance the patient experience. The way Medbelle work with consultants and partners has evolved; the team are developing partnerships with multiple and diverse healthcare entities and putting our partners at the centre of the solutions & technologies that we have built for and with them.

Meet the Partnerships Team
tech team

Our Engineering & Product Team

Our Engineers are tasked with creating the most simple and easy-to-use product to make the patient's journey as easy and seamless as possible. The engineering team is made up of tech-savvy innovators who always consider the consultants' needs and use technology to serve them better. Bringing healthcare into the technological age streamlines processes for hospitals and surgeons and allows patients to have autonomy and control over their care. This department works tirelessly to develop user-friendly software and functionalities that remove stress and simplify healthcare.

They have developed the Medbelle OS with the surgeons in mind and have worked closely with their feedback to ensure all consultants have an operating system that works for them and their practice needs. As a tech-based healthcare company, they are at the heart of the company and make all of our working lives easier.

Everything the engineers do is with patient confidentiality in mind, especially when it comes to keeping data secure. Each day, they are building platforms to help the Patient Care Advisers support their patients or online booking tools for patients to schedule their surgeon consultations.

Meet the Product and Engineering Team
Dani & Leander Medbelle

Leander and Daniel

Leander & Daniel founded Medbelle in 2016 with a simple mission: providing simpler, smarter, and more personal healthcare for everybody.

"For Medbelle, we’ve always had the same ambitions and values since the start: Use technology to enable better experiences, better outcomes, and higher efficiency in secondary care.."
- Leander, CEO and co-founder

"I wanted to become a doctor, so I interned with a cardiologist and a gastroenterologist. l loved helping patients but quickly saw how lost and afraid people feel in the current system. I wanted to take patients by the hand and ensure they get exactly the care they need."
- Daniel, co-founder

Our Culture & Talent Team

The Culture and Talent team are responsible for maintaining a work environment that upholds Medbelle's core values. With their range of expertise, as a team, they are able to support the development of all members of staff and ensure everyone has everything they need to do their job to the best of their ability. A happy team means happy patients.

Meet the Culture & Talent Team

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