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Welcome to Medbelle’s Press Office, where you can find previous press releases and contact details for our team. We welcome approaches from journalists interested in our work or looking for assistance with healthcare stories. To get in touch, please reach out to and a member of our team will get back to you shortly.

Contact Details

Jack Cutforth
PR & External Communications Manager or
+44 7854 498005

How can Medbelle help journalists?

Our work to transform healthcare provides us with expertise, case studies, and analysis that we would be happy to share with journalists. Some of the areas we can help with are below, but this is far from an exhaustive list:

  • Queries about Medbelle and our mission
  • The use of technology in the healthcare sector
  • Patient case studies
  • Medical expertise from our network of clinicians
  • Improving efficiency in the healthcare sector
  • Data insights - such as our NHS Waiting Times Graphs - or analysis about health outcomes
  • General comment on the health sector
  • Features about start-ups in the health or tech sectors, or our co-founders’ story

What does Medbelle do?

At a time of growing demand for private healthcare, the sector is fragmented, low-tech, and highly confusing for patients to navigate. Too often, patients will have to find their own clinicians, organise their appointments, and pass their medical records from specialist to specialist. Medbelle is transforming this by building a ‘digital hospital’. Medbelle provides all of the patient support, administrative functions and logistical operations of a traditional hospital, using technology, data, and a patient-centred approach to improve outcomes for patients, hospitals and clinicians.

Medbelle patients only have one point of contact, their personal Patient Care Adviser, who guides them through their entire care pathway, offering support, joining up specialists, and providing the information patients need to make informed decisions about their treatment options. Clinicians are provided with administrative support and technology that works efficiently, while also being joined up with other specialists.

Medbelle is building a model for delivering healthcare in a way that works for patients and clinicians, makes better use of health infrastructure, and uses data to improve health outcomes. We are demonstrating that our model can be applied throughout the health sector, improving the delivery and efficiency of publicly and privately funded care, in the UK and around the world.

Recent news and comment from Medbelle

Medbelle Reports

As a part of our passion for equal-access healthcare, Medbelle is active in compiling research about the status of healthcare around the globe. Findings are released on a rolling basis and sent to members of the press immediately. If you would like to be added to this mailing list, please contact

2019 Medicine Price Index

Nov. 2019 - After delving into hospital rankings globally, we discovered the impact medicine pricing can have on healthcare accessibility and wanted to learn more. This study focuses on the pricing disparity of 13 common and/or life-sustaining medicines across 50 countries as they compare to global average prices.

By compiling this data, we hope to bring some focus to this imbalance and further our ultimate goal of providing every patient with high-quality healthcare.

View the medicine price index in EUR and USD here: 2019 Medicine Price Index in Euro & 2019 Medicine Price Index in US Dollars

Ranking the Best Hospital Cities in the UK

Oct. 2019 - Access to good-quality healthcare is a key driving factor for Medbelle. This report summarises our findings comparing the standings of countries and major cities across the world in terms of their medical infrastructure, accessibility, and medical education. Focusing on accessibility as an aspect of quality takes into account the overall quality of a city's healthcare infrastructure instead of focusing on one stellar hospital.

View further reports for the rankings outside the UK here: Best Hospital Cities in the US & Best Hospital Cities Globally

UK Earnings & Savings from Hiring EU Medical Professionals

Aug. 2019 - As the UK prepares for Brexit, the medical industry is preparing for the changes ahead. EU nationals working in healthcare in the UK are a vastly important and sometimes overlooked resource when considering the state of medical care in the UK. This report takes a closer look at the potential ramifications of Brexit on healthcare.

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