Medbelle Careers

Medbelle Careers

Our Mission

At Medbelle, we are building the digital hospital of the future, providing elective medical procedures with a fully-digitised, personal and patient-first experience. We are here to raise the standard of secondary care and make it accessible to all.

As we believe that all patients deserve better, we are rebuilding the patient experience for elective medical procedures from scratch (currently orthopaedic & cosmetic surgery). We recruit world-class surgeons and rent operating space from selected facilities - while providing an outstanding, digital-first and transparent patient experience and friendly personnel on hand to guide every step of the way. We build technology that integrates the entire patient journey for providers to reduce costs, make their lives much easier and, therefore, improve elective procedures across the quadruple aim: better outcomes, better patient experience, lower costs, better provider experience.

Office dogs

Our community

The Medbelle community thrives on the acceptance of a dichotomy. We know that every member of our team is unique, and we celebrate the fact that each individual brings something fresh to every decision and every discussion. And yet, we are all united by the same values and the same ambition to challenge the status quo and bring the company vision into reality.

Medbelle is a young startup composed of bright international talents, nurses, healthcare professionals, digital experts and programming boffs. We’re a team of all ages, beliefs, backgrounds and interests; there are musicians, artists, students, fitness fanatics, mothers and fathers. We work together cohesively. Everyone is encouraged to fulfil their professional ambitions and motivate each other to create memorable experiences for our patients and a brighter future for healthcare.

Medbelle Team Spirit - Halloween Party

The team letting loose at our Halloween Team Social

Medbelle Team Spirit - Chloe, Sarah & Sebi on Medbelle Trip to Köln

Chloe, Sarah & Sebi on Medbelle Trip to Prague

Medbelle team celebrating a milestone

Medbelle team celebrating a reached milestone

Medbelle Team Spirit - Office Dog Reuben

Reuben, everyone’s favourite co-worker

Medbelle Reuben

Office dog Reuben strikes again

Team Success Ceremony at Medbelle

Happy team members on stage

Medbelle Team Spirit - Team Lunch

Medbelle Team Lunch

Medbelle marketing team brainstorming

Marketing team brainstorming

Our Culture

Medbelle’s culture celebrates strong individual performances from our talented team members. But we know that outstanding results can only be delivered when individual work is combined with teamwork and shared knowledge. Our goal is to make our patients feel cared for and provide them with a safe patient journey. We achieve this best when our team is happy. When people are empathetic, kind, appreciative and supportive, we trust them. With trust comes good communication. Through communication comes cooperation. And that’s how we achieve outstanding results together.

For this reason, workplace friendships are given the space to grow and they become the foundation of an inclusive culture in which everyone is motivated to work not only for their own ends but for the benefit of our community and the manifestation of our vision.

We recognise that work is only one component of our lives but feeling valued in the workplace and knowing that you genuinely make an impact not only improves performance but positively impacts all walks of life. That’s why we advocate a healthy work-life balance cultivated by the input of our Talent & Culture department, our founders and each and every team member.

Time and resources are lovingly invested to offer perks and quirks, also known as Medbenefits, which are tailored to strengthen our communal bonds, help everybody develop their talents in areas they want to grow in and support our team’s physical and mental health.

We are proud to provide our team with an Urban Sports Club membership, a yoga-meditation sanctuary, German Lessons and innumerable subscriptions and discounts. We provide an office brunch every Tuesday, regular team events, Friday beers and Team Lunches to explore Kreuzberg’s culinary delights with our colleagues. Meanwhile, a selection of fresh fruit, snacks, fairtrade coffee and Yorkshire Tea is available in our kitchen every day.

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