Medbelle Care Programme

The Medbelle Care Programme, administered by Bupa, is a benefits programme that ensures every Medbelle patient proceeding with private surgery receives the best-in-class service and experience.

Medbelle Care Programme

What is the Medbelle Care Programme?

Medbelle’s mission is not only to provide patients with a simplified and seamless journey but to ensure they feel they are receiving a best-in-class service and experience. To that end, we have developed the Medbelle Care Programme administered with Bupa.

Our Medbelle Care Programme is a 12-month benefits programme for all patients wishing to proceed with private surgery with us. The Medbelle Care Programme entitles patients to:

  • Medbelle’s dedicated Patient Care service
  • One-year membership to a virtual GP platform
  • Access to Bupa-approved hospitals and surgeons across the country
  • Favourable prices for future surgeries
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Medbelle’s dedicated Patient Care service

The care we provide our patients is at the heart of the Medbelle Care Programme. Throughout every step of your journey, you will have one dedicated Patient Care Adviser that specialises in your condition. From start to finish, they are here for any surgery or private specialist secondary care surgery you may need in the 12 months after you join.

Their role is to answer any questions you have, manage all the administrative processes and organise any surgeon appointments you may need, be it anything from scans, surgery, physiotherapy, and more. Our Medbelle Care Programme patients have a clear and smooth journey, so they are able to focus on preparing themselves for treatment.

This concierge service is valued at £500 for an annual subscription; however, for all patients pursuing treatment under the Medbelle Care Programme, this is provided free of charge.


One year membership to a private virtual GP service

Your physical and mental health is important to us, and of course, this isn’t just limited to your condition that you may need surgery for. That’s why we include virtual access to a GP to help support you when you need to speak to a trusted practitioner fast. Included in the Medbelle Care Programme are five free GP consultations up to 12 months following your procedure with us. This virtual GP package alone typically costs £149 for the year but is completely covered by the Medbelle Care Programme.


Fast access and choice of Bupa approved hospitals and surgeons

When you need to see a surgeon quickly for a diagnosis and surgery, you want to ensure that you are seeing a trusted professional with all the accreditations and experience in the right sub-speciality. The Medbelle Care Programme surgeons are handpicked consultants recognised for the outstanding patient care and surgery they provide, so you can be confident you are receiving the highest-quality care and treatment on offer. You can also feel rest assured that you are receiving the best nursing and medical care for your procedure, as your surgery will be carried out in a Bupa-approved hospital. We offer fast access to a consultation with your specialist, and if you need surgery, we provide fast access to treatment. This is, of course, all managed by your Patient Care Adviser, keeping you up to date at all times so you know what and when your next steps are happening.

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Favourable rates for future surgeries

There is a lot to consider before opting to have surgery, and we understand that financial considerations also play a big part in that decision. We’re committed to supporting our patients in any way we can and will try to relieve as much stress from the process. This is why, under the Medbelle Care Programme, patients needing surgery within 12 months of their initial procedure will benefit from favourable rates in Bupa-approved hospitals and the highest-quality surgery teams.

Join the Medbelle Care Program

The Medbelle Care Programme administered by Bupa is here to support you throughout your surgery. The benefits we offer patients are here to provide you with the best-in-class service and treatment with patient experience at the centre. The Medbelle Care Programme, valued at £700, is granted to patients at a discounted rate for patients that have surgery with Medbelle. This membership lasts 12 months after your procedure and does not renew automatically.

If you’re already a Medbelle Patient and would like to know more about the benefits of the Medbelle Care Programme, contact your Patient Care Adviser. If you are not yet a member, you can sign up to Medbelle and arrange your initial call with one of our Patient Care Advisers to learn more.

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