For Consultants

The current healthcare model is too often based around systems, not people. Medbelle is changing that, putting consultants in full control - all without taking any of your fees.

For Consultants
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Putting surgeons in control

Medbelle provides you with fair, transparent and consistent prices for procedures, while allowing you to keep 100% of your fees.

Medbelle provides a consistent price list for procedures, takes care of invoicing patients and paying hospitals.

Outdated processes and inefficiencies are holding clinicians back. Medbelle removes these, giving consultants the freedom to grow their practices their way.

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Benefits for consultants

Medbelle facilitates excellent care and remove barriers to growing your practice:

  • No more wasted time chasing hospital finance departments for quotes: pricing is consistent and transparent
  • Total control over the fees you charge - and Medbelle doesn’t take a penny
  • Medbelle OS: a free Surgeon management tool that facilitates admin without creating extra work
  • Automatic PROMs collection and analysis, so you can concentrate on patient care
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Group 34518

Peer Introduction Programme

By referring your surgical colleagues to us, you can expand our network and help more patients access the benefits of Medbelle. As a thank you for your referral we will gift you both £500 towards professional development.

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What does it involve?

As a busy consultant, your priority is caring for your patients and growing your practice, and Medbelle won’t distract from putting your time and energy into that.

If you would like to join the programme, you and your practice remain completely independent - you are in control. Once you have spoken to one of our partnership managers, they will talk you through the next steps:

  1. Providing some information for the Medbelle website, such as your schedule
  2. Onboarding workshop with a member of the Partnerships team
  3. Receive your go-live email - now you and your patients can start benefiting.
  4. How you see your patients and manage your practice stays the same, but now with Medbelle’s support and benefits.
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Practice management made simple

Medbelle OS is practice management software developed with extensive feedback from consultants to reflect the needs of a 21st-century practice:

  • Medbelle OS is completely free: no subscriptions
  • PROMs are collected automatically
  • Make appointments, view and share calendars, and invoice patients all in one place

Medbelle OS adapts to your practice, not the other way around, so you can focus on your patients instead of admin.

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Medbelle OS Guides

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Patient consultation

Benefits to your patients

Of course, the most important thing to your practice is the patient experience. The Medbelle Care Programme provides patients with an unmatched level of support, ensuring they are looked after before and after their procedure. As members of this benefits programme, patients receive:

  • Free support from an individual Patient Care Adviser, who will organise logistics and support patients throughout their care
  • Free access to a virtual GP for 12 months
  • Reminders to fill out pre- and post-operative PROMs, and to read important information, ensuring patients are prepared
Benefits for patients

Want to learn more about Medbelle?

Book a short call with a member of our Partnerships team at a time that suits you. We know every practice is different, and our Partnerships team can discuss how Medbelle can benefit yours.