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About Medbelle

Medbelle provides simpler, smarter, more personal healthcare for everybody. We believe that all patients deserve better. We optimise personalised one to one care and work only with highly qualified and experienced professionals. In addition, we have built and developed technology that allows us to monitor and review the patient experience and in turn, make changes to remove any stresses and outdated, lengthy processes. We always ensure the highest level of quality for all patients.

"Raising the standard of healthcare and making it accessible to all."

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Our Mission

We are raising the standard of healthcare and making it accessible to all. By combining patient-centric care with technology we ensure that the patient experience is organised, personalised and seamless. We strive to provide personalised support to all and maintain this by listening and responding to the tailored, individual needs of each and every patient creating a better experience for all.

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Our Vision

We believe in providing better quality healthcare through exceptional patient service and smarter, more intuitive technology. Medbelle is building the hospital of the future across various private healthcare sectors including orthopaedics, ophthalmology, weight loss and cosmetic surgery. By breaking down all elements of private healthcare in order to truly understand the whole process, we’ve been able to develop digital systems that enable us to offer great support to as many patients as possible. Furthermore, we strongly agree that in order for patients to have a great experience there needs to be a solid human connection which is why our Patient Care Advisers are supportive, here to listen and are with the patient all the way through their treatment journey.

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Our Team

Our Team

Our team is made up of highly experienced consultant surgeons, dedicated Patient Care Advisers and cutting-edge tech engineers. Together, we adhere to the Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) five key principles of inquiry, safety, effectiveness, care, responsiveness and good management and collectively believe healthcare should and can be simple and straightforward for all. With offices in the heart of London and Berlin, we have created a workplace culture of like-minded individuals who work tirelessly to provide the best for patients.

We believe healthcare should be accessible, simple and straightforward for all. We have a highly professional group of surgeons who advise us on areas of concern from a patient, and we offer a formal way of managing any issue where our Patient Experience Team will make a ruling to ensure quality is maintained and questions are answered fully by medical experts.

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Medbelle Careers

Medbelle is always looking for passionate and highly motivated individuals to join our vision in raising the standard of healthcare. We celebrate diversity and value the richness the variety of cultures, races, genders, sexualities and abilities bring to our working environment.

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