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Medbelle OS is a comprehensive and intuitive practice management solution designed specifically for surgeons like you. It’s the only management system you need, saving you time, effort, and money.

Medbelle OS
Medbelle OS features

Everything you need, in one place

We worked closely with surgeons to identify what they need to run their practice as efficiently as possible and grow their business to its full potential.

These features can be grouped into four categories: practice management essentials, workflow automation, practice growth, and data collection and insights.

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Practice management essentials

Medbelle OS is designed to make the day-to-day essentials as easy and seamless as possible, allowing you to get on with the important things. If it’s something you need to run your practice, it’s in Medbelle OS and optimised to reduce your workload. Everything is all in one place and accessible from all your devices, including patient details, documents, letters, appointment diary and imaging. Full integration means your diary and appointments are automatically populated with a patient’s history and imaging.

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Workflow automation

Medbelle OS is designed to streamline every aspect of practice management with smart automation and task management. With a built-in dictation tool, patient clinic letters and consultation notes are easily recorded, transferred to text and sent. Imaging can easily be shared with care providers, creating a smooth transition from primary care to secondary care and the patient. Furthermore, you can manage theatre list bookings easily in the OS. The system also supports health code integration, ensuring all procedures are priced and processed correctly. Plus, an in-built online payment system streamlines all financial transactions involved in the patient’s care.


Tools to help your practice grow

In an age where everything is accessible with a click of a button, it’s important that healthcare follows suit. Patients can easily book appointments with you via our online system, increasing their engagement with your clinic. It’s just one of the features that help you grow your practice.

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Data collection and insights

To improve the service provided to patients, we must utilise the invaluable data available. Medbelle actively collects PROMs, PREMs and post-consultation feedback, providing all surgeons with quantitative insights into the care provided.

Improving PROMs collection

Diary management

Keeping on top of a hectic diary is vital for any busy practice. Medbelle OS has an industry-leading diary feature, and with complete integration you never have to enter information more than once.


Branded patient app

Every patient is granted access to Lucy, our GDPR-compliant patient app. Lucy enables patients to effortlessly book appointments online and access documents and letters.


Diagnostic imaging

Medbelle OS is fully integrated with the IEP imaging system. No matter where you are, request any imaging via Medbelle OS and it will be available within 24 hours.

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Video consultation and dictation

Medbelle OS allows video consultations directly through the app with screenshots saved to the patient’s file. Medbelle OS will automatically convert your voice notes to text and save them in the right place.


Automated PROMs collection

The relevant licensed PROMs questionnaires are automatically added to patient pathways, and pre- and post-op questionnaires sent out to patients at the industry-standard time period. This process is fully automated.

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Healthcode integrated billing

Healthcode integration provides your patients with a more accurate, efficient, and transparent solution. Healthcode enables billing with private medical insurers, making it easier to submit claims and receive prompt payment.

Join the future of healthcare

Discover the benefits of Medbelle OS and take your surgical practice to new heights. Embrace simplicity, efficiency, and a patient-centric approach with our tailored practice management solution.

Medbelle OS: practice management made simple

Medbelle OS was created with consultants, for consultants, to support excellent healthcare