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Patient Stories

Patient stories

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Joyce, 80, London
Eyelid Surgery (Upper)
Georgia has been my contact at Medbelle, and she is very caring, helpful and reassuring. A few day
Anita, 39, London
Breast Enlargement and Breast Uplift
At 9.20 they were at my door ready to walk me to the theatre.
Ruby, 20, London
Breast Enlargement
Bethan, 40, Swansea
Tummy Tuck (Full)
I feel great. I have no regrets at all. Well, I lie I wish I had done it 10 years ago.
Amina, 34, London
Tummy Tuck (Full)
I feel much more confident now and I can wear a lot more without that stubborn bulge sticking out

It’s your body - do it right

At Medbelle, we only work with the most qualified and reputable surgeons in the UK (all specialists in the GMC register). We assist them with organisational and promotion work, so they can be more efficient and this brings prices down. However, there will be cheaper options - with less experienced surgeons or abroad. We offer the best pricing on highest quality treatments. It’s your body. You get one shot. We wouldn’t risk our patients with a lower standard of medical treatment that can be found elsewhere, cheaper, we provide the best treatment, at the best possible price.

Simple, affordable finance options to suit you

You don't have to wait until you have the whole amount saved to have surgery. More and more patients are choosing our finance option. This way, they can pay for their surgery with monthly instalments suited to their personal circumstances and starting living their new life now.

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Don't take our word for it,
listen to our patients

Medbelle has the highest rating on Trustpilot of any medical service provider in the UK.

We are proud of this achievement, but not surprised. We work hard to ensure our patients have a great experience and get a great outcome. We work only with the best surgeons and the top hospitals and provide a start to finish support service for our patients.

I had my breast uplift/reduction with Dr Topping at the cadogon clinic in Sloan street London and my journey was supported by anne at Medbelle … read more
Sarah Fryatt, 12/11/19
My contact at medbelle has been available throughout to answer any questions and reassure me and act on my behalf. My surgeon Mr Britto knows … read more
Lindsay north, 09/11/19
From start to finish my patient advisor, Joe has kept me informed, reassured and answered any questions I had and has been totally amazing. Ulti… read more
Stephanie, 08/11/19
My experience with both Mr o Connor my consultant & Joe the coordinator have been so supporting, informative, caring & such professionalism was … read more
Darrel, 08/11/19
Great professional advice from the medbelle team - Georgia and my consultant dr mcgeorge. Nuffield staff were also great nurses, kind funny and … read more
Thomas O'Donoghue, 07/11/19

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