Medbelle Care Programme - for Surgeons

The Medbelle Care Programme (MCP) is a membership programme with unique benefits for surgeons and their patients.

Medbelle Care Programme - for Surgeons

The Medbelle Care Programme (MCP) provides a premium membership package of support for patients across their entire healthcare journey, while surgeons in the Medbelle network can enjoy a number of benefits helping them to grow their practice.

The MCP is designed to provide comprehensive support to your patients, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional surgical care while Medbelle handles the rest.

This membership costing £75 for non-referred patients is included for your referred patients at no extra cost.

What it involves

Patient Care Adviser

Personalised assistance and unparalleled support

Every patient in the Medbelle Care Programme is assigned a dedicated Patient Care Adviser, who provides personalised assistance throughout the healthcare journey - from before consultation through to aftercare and beyond. This support means patients are better prepared for surgery and helps improve their experience - benefiting both you and your patients.

Meet your Patient Care Team
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Set your own fees

The Medbelle Care Programme puts surgeons in control - that means you set your fees, and receive 100% of them. The Medbelle Care Programme is designed to properly reward consultants for their expertise and care, so you can grow your practice in your own way.

An introduction to the Medbelle Care Programme

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Receive instant pricing for procedures

Consultants told us that a lack of transparency and certainty on costs for their patients was having a negative impact on their practice. The Medbelle Care Programme is designed to end these uncertainties, for patients and consultants. Once you join the MCP, we provide a pricing list for your procedures, meaning you and your patients have complete transparency.


Lower pricing, and indemnity contributions

We recognise the high cost of running a private practice, and that’s why the Medbelle Care Programme provides competitive, transparent pricing, and a contribution towards your indemnity. It’s another way the MCP makes the business of running a practice more rewarding.


Bespoke, local aftercare

Every consultant knows that good aftercare can vastly improve patient outcomes. With the Medbelle Care Programme, this can be a fully integrated part of the healthcare journey organised by Medbelle - but as the consultant, you remain in full control. The MCP is about helping consultants use their expertise and experience, and like every aspect of your patients’ care, the aftercare is based on your own preferred processes. If you deem it appropriate, aftercare is provided locally to the patient, and organised by their personal Patient Care Adviser, all included in their MCP membership. And because Medbelle joins up the entire healthcare pathway, collaboration between clinicians is easy and you can track your patients’ progress.

How we connect the health system
Virtual surgeon consultation

Virtual GP access

As part of our wider commitment to your patients’ health and wellbeing, every Medbelle Care Programme patient receives access to a virtual GP to provide support with any healthcare issues they may have.

The benefits for patients

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