Peer Introduction Programme

By referring orthopaedic colleagues to us, you can help more patients access the benefits of Medbelle, and as a thank you for your referral we will gift you both £500 towards professional development.

Peer Introduction Programme

As a respected partner of Medbelle, we’d like to invite you to help us expand the reach of our network of surgeons across the UK and provide better access to patients throughout the country. By referring orthopaedic colleagues to us, you help us in our mission to make healthcare simpler, smarter and more accessible for all. We appreciate your expertise and your taking the time to refer your colleagues, so as a thank you for your referral, we’d like to gift you £500 that can be put towards any of the below career-development opportunities. This money will be available as soon as your referee makes their first patient referral to Medbelle.

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Your referral gift options

  • Educational and professional development
  • Journal subscriptions
  • Membership to a professional body
  • Conferences or training courses - e.g. Royal College of Surgeons courses

In order to receive your £500, you’ll be required to purchase your chosen service/product and submit an invoice to your Partnerships Manager who will then reimburse you. We’re also able to reimburse your previous purchases of those listed above as well; again you’d simply need to send an invoice to your Partnerships Manager, who will have that processed on your behalf. We'll notify you as soon as there is money available to use too.

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Benefits for you and your colleagues

There is no limit to the number of colleagues you can introduce to Medbelle, and furthermore, the colleague you refer will also receive £500 towards their education and professional development too. You’ll receive your referral bonus once your colleague refers their first patient to us via the Medbelle Care Programme.

If you have any questions regarding surgeon referrals or the peer introduction programme, please contact your partnerships manager or email

Want to learn more about Medbelle?

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