Abdul Khadar Kodiyil

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Abdul Khadar Kodiyil


Abdul is an important member of the product and engineering department at Medbelle. His experience in computer science and management ensures he's able to support Medbelle's mission of bringing healthcare into the digital future.

Job Responsibilities

Abdul plays a pivotal role as the Product Manager at Medbelle, steering the development and enhancement of Medbelle OS, the cornerstone of our practice management offerings. His responsibilities include:

Architecting Medbelle OS: Abdul spearheads the development of Medbelle OS, a sophisticated practice management tool utilised by consultants and their medical secretaries to navigate day-to-day operations seamlessly.

Corporate Collaboration: Abdul collaborates closely with corporate partners, crafting streamlined workflows through Medbelle OS to enhance operational efficiency and foster mutually beneficial relationships.

Stakeholder Coordination: Beyond his technical expertise, Abdul excels in coordinating with multiple stakeholders and engaging with CXOs at Medbelle, ensuring alignment with the company's strategic vision.

User-Centric Innovation: Abdul actively engages with end-users, striving to understand their needs and challenges, demonstrating his commitment to user-centric design. This dedication fuels continuous improvements in Medbelle OS, positively impacting the lives of our users.

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