Clare started her Medbelle career as a Patient Care Adviser, helping and advising patients through their surgical journey. As a trained Nurse, she quickly showed her skills and natural ability to write complex medical content in easy to understand ways for patients.

Medbelle positionMedical Quality Manager
TitlesBN (Hons)


Clare joined Medbelle in 2016 and has been a huge asset to the company. She was inspired by the idea of revolutionising the patient journey and from the outset, she has helped 1000s of patients by providing them with robust and the most up to date information on surgery. Working as a Senior Nurse, she has the knowledge and background to really understand what patients want and need through their surgery. In 2019, Clare moved fully into the medical department to focus her talents on writing and providing training to the Patient Care team.


  • Writing high-quality medical content and treatment information for patients to have a sound understanding of their procedure
  • Training the patient care team to answer questions and provide robust information to patients
  • Working cross-departmentally to ensure the accuracy and quality of medical information within Medbelle and with our partners is upheld
Work Experience

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