Dan Howcroft

In his role as Chief Medical Officer, Dan is focusing on engaging closely with Medbelle's clinical partners in the system. They are often overlooked and yet are most likely the ones to solve these difficult challenges. We aim for disruption through partnership.

Medbelle position

Chief Medical Officer


FRCS (Tr&Orth), MBBS

Dan Howcroft


For almost two decades, Dan has been providing either clinical care or strategic leadership to benefit patients across the country. Joining the Medbelle team in 2021 from Bupa as Medical Director of Provider Management, our Chief Medical Officer uses his knowledge and experience in value-based healthcare to help plan the future of Medbelle. His clinical knowledge as an orthopaedic surgeon has also been of invaluable added input to the wider team. Dan is driven by the desire to change the healthcare system for the better and as himself an orthopaedic surgeon, he is keen to use his skills to ensure a rich partnership with our clinical partners.


  • Developing Medbelle clinical strategy
  • Developing patient pathway design
  • Implementation of value-based healthcare
  • Oversight of clinical complaints and incidents
  • Supporting Network development and maintenance
  • Review orthopaedic medical content

Motivation and inspiration

What motivated you to join Medbelle and the healthcare industry in general?

"To be honest it’s all I’ve ever known! I am from a family of surgeons, GPs and nurses. I’d decided by 4 years old that I wanted to be a doctor. I went into orthopaedic surgery as I was keen on the idea that the problem was easily identified and (usually) there could be a quick solution that would resolve the patient’s problems. Having left clinical practice and moved into insurance initially, I was attracted by the mission of Medbelle and by the vision of the founders. We really want to improve the system for all, patients and doctors!"

Best memory with a patient or in the industry

"I can honestly say that the only time I have shed a tear of joy was when I was a medical student and delivered my first baby. It was the couples first child and the emotion of the whole event swept me along with it."

If there was one thing you wish everyone knew.

"Surgery is fantastic at managing difficult symptoms for people with certain problems, but equally, it is not a silver bullet. It rarely “cures” anything and it certainly can’t turn the clock back. It is my view that you should always consider, and even try, all non-surgical options first (where symptoms or situation allows)."

One piece of advice you would give patients looking into cosmetic/orthopaedic surgery

"It is my view that for a good experience and outcome the surgeon needs to offer 3 elements to their practice. 1) Good clinical knowledge (and decision making). You should be offered a balanced view of all your options 2) Technically good at performing the surgery - don’t be afraid to ask for the outcome or volume data and 3) Great communication - which of course is a matter of choice in terms of what you like - but if it doesn’t feel right, then move on. Mutual faith and trust are really important in the therapeutic relationship."

Education and Qualifications
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