Jack Cutforth

Jack is raising awareness of Medbelle's clinicians and patients. With years of experience in healthcare communication, including a role at the Royal College of Nurses, Jack's insights and knowledge are a great asset to the team.

Medbelle positionPR & Communications Manager
Jack Cutforth


Jack lives in east London but is originally from Peterborough - he moved to London about ten years ago. He’s worked in PR for over a decade, with most of that time spent working in the health sector, for a trade union, and a think tank. That gave him the idea of how complex the health sector can be and how challenging it can be to turn that complexity into something the public can understand. Jack sees this fitting in nicely with Medbelle’s mission to simplify the healthcare journey and make it more accessible.

Job responsibilities

  • Promoting the excellent work Medbelle is doing to transform healthcare
  • Working with partner organisations to promote these partnerships and explain the benefits to relevant stakeholders
  • Working with journalists to provide information, case studies and analysis that help to tell stories about the healthcare sector
  • Keeping Medbelle colleagues informed about the latest healthcare news
  • Working with clinical partners and patients to help them tell their stories
  • Looking for opportunities for Medbelle to comment or provide expertise on relevant issues and stories in healthcare

Jack in his own words

Work experience
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