Julia Moss-Pearson

Medbelle position

Patient Care Team Lead (Orthopaedic)


BA Psych/Linguistics

Julia Moss-Pearson

Julia has always been very focused on quality and process improvement. Moving from New Zealand, she joined Medbelle in 2020 and brought a wealth of experience in providing the best patient-centred care and strategic insight. Starting as a cosmetic Team Lead in Patient Care, Julia's background and writing skills led her into content producing and leading the patient care team in orthopaedics.

Motivation and Inspiration

What aspects of your role do you find most fulfilling?

I have had many experiences with the healthcare industry, both for myself and for friends and family, and it, unfortunately, hasn't always been the easiest journey. For me, the best part of my job is being able to support my fantastic team of Patient Care Advisers to provide the level of care that I would want my mum or best friend to have. I love that my job connects me with patients, and challenges the industry as a whole, to bring a higher standard of care for every patient.

Best memory with a patient.

I supported a patient through an arthroscopic procedure on his knee after he experienced an accident, which meant he was not able to work. He was always such a pleasure to speak with, and even though he was in significant pain, we always were able to have a laugh together as I guided him through his procedure with one of our excellent surgeons. He is now completely recovered, back to work as normal, and I know I will never forget his sense of humour!

One thing you wish everyone knew

Just because something looks like a good deal, doesn't mean that it is - cutting corners with surgery will only bring you additional complications further down the line.

One piece of advice

Any type of surgery is a big commitment, and deciding on what procedure is the right one for you takes time, and careful consideration. Make sure you do your research and try to understand what your surgeon is explaining to you about the results that can be achieved from your procedure. It is your body, and your choice - we are just here to guide you!

Other interests

I love classical music, and I trained as an opera singer!

Julia's reviews

"When I was looking at options to have knee surgery I came across Medbelle, after the initial contact I was contacted by Julia moss-Pearson who has been fantastic and guided and supported me from start to finish.

It was through Julia and Medbelle that I found the surgeon Mr Dean Michael who carried out my procedure.

The price of the treatment was made clear from the outset and was broken down to let me know exactly what it entailed.

I would highly recommend Medbelle, Julia moss-Pearson and surgeon Mr Dean Michael."

Colin from London

"I contacted Medbelle for Breast Augmentation, they look for the most suitable option for me, the first doctor I had a consultation with was Dr Naveen Cavale, He really understood what I was looking for, I felt that I didn't need to look any further, therefore I had my surgery with him, amazing surgeon, I cannot recommend him enough. I am super happy with my results and the support from Medbelle with the journey, especially Julia my patient adviser, always there for me to explain any questions I had, and dealt with all the booking process with the Cadogan clinic, she really supports me all the way. "

Maria from London

"From our 1st phone call with Medbelle and continuing post operation the care and helpfulness has been excellent. The procedure was booked and every step of the way Julia at Medbelle has helped us. We would not hesitate to use Medbelle or recommend them."

Jacob from Surrey

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