Leander de Laporte

Co-founding Medbelle with Daniel Kolb, Leander is the driving force in Medbelle, always on hand to lend his expertise and provide strategy as CEO. With his skills and experience in technology, Leander also heads the Product team, ensuring that he has the pulse on what patients and clinicians want and need.

Medbelle position


Leander de Laporte

Job Role

  • 5 years at Medbelle

Leander is a tech entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Medbelle. A hands-on leader who takes his time to work closely with all departments to ensure a harmonic working environment and that all are working towards the company's mission. Leander ensures transparency within the company and encourages growth and personal improvement of everyone's individual skills. Always at the forefront of digital innovations and an example to his team to strive to utilise technology to better healthcare for all.

Qualifications and Previous Experience

  • Arizona University: Business Administration and General Management
  • WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management: Bachelor of Business Administration and General Management

Having grown up in a family of medics, Leander started coding at the age of 13, building technology for the healthcare sector was inevitable for him. After studying international business at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, Leander founded a marketing company, supported a variety of startups in Germany and the US and gained experience in management consulting at BCG. In 2016, he started building the world's first digital hospital.

Leander in his own words

Why Medbelle?

"I started Medbelle mainly to improve the experience of having specialist care, especially after having had a not ideal ACL reconstruction journey myself. I thought that we could reinvent this experience the same way tech companies had already transformed other industries for the better - and that already was a big mission. Over time, we've learned that we can also build technology and correct incentives to focus care on value, so improving outcomes and reducing costs. There are few things that are more rewarding to work on."

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