Niall Proctor

Niall joined Medbelle and the Partnerships team in 2022 and is responsible for creating and maintaining relationships with all our clinicians.

Medbelle position

Partnerships Manager

Niall Proctor


Niall is originally from Newcastle-upon-Tyne but now lives in Bristol, and he has been with Medbelle since mid-2022. Niall has previously worked within the many departments within the healthcare sector and, with his experience and knowledge, is able to help Medbelle’s growth and reach, ensuring more streamlined healthcare for more and more patients in the UK. Our mission to raise the standard of healthcare resonates with Niall, and in his time at Medbelle, this has been evident in the praise he has received from clinicians for his dedication and optimism.

Job responsibilities

  • Responsible for growing and maintaining relationships with all of our consultant partnerships to drive the expansion of our goal to raise the standard of healthcare for all.
  • Represent Medbelle’s vision when onboarding new surgeons, clinics and medical professionals
  • Be the one-to-one partnership contact and manage the cross-departmental, end-to-end onboarding process of consultants from initial pitch to final implementation to ensure smoother, simpler healthcare processes for all within the healthcare sector.
  • Work closely with consultants to understand their needs, determine how Medbelle can best support and complement their existing practice, and what we can do to help their practice grow.
  • Recognise where we can benefit more patients and clinicians, be it geographically within the UK or within a new speciality, thereby providing high-quality care to more and more patients in the country.
Work experience

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