Shubham Verma

Shubham is a product manager here at Medbelle and has been with the company since September 2021, moving to the Berlin office in Summer 2022. He is an integral part of the Medbelle team, building the Medbelle OS system and improving the healthcare experience all involved.

Medbelle positionProduct Manager
Shubham Verma


Shubham comes from a small town in North India, Jind, Haryan and studied in Chennai, He started his career in Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India. He has always been driven by curiosity and a had a strong desire to solve problems. He joined Medbelle remotely over a year ago and has since made the move from India to Berlin. He is an important part of the Product Team and works closely with other departments to align the needs of our patients, partners and staff.

Job responsibilities

  • Ensuring we are building the "right" product, in the "right" way and delivering the utmost value to our users and the healthcare system.
  • Development of an easy-to-use and powerful patient-facing app that empowers patients to manage their patient journey all in one hand
  • Development of the Medbelle OS, an intuitive and simplified medical and organisation platform for clinicians
  • Development of our internal "Care Management System" that empowers our Patient Care Advisers to provide a level of care that would be unimaginable without technology

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