Simon Harby

Simon has decades of experience in the healthcare industry. As head of UK relations, he uses his connections and networks to form and foster partnerships with like-minded healthcare companies to further our goal to improve the standard of healthcare.

Medbelle position

Head of UK Relations

Simon Harby


Simon joined Medbelle in 2019, and his vast experience and knowledge in the healthcare field were felt instantly in the company. Few people have such an extensive background in healthcare and can boast of turning poorly rated hospitals by the CQC into being rated as good. His strategic insights and knowledge of the field have been invaluable to Medbelle growing and partnering with more and more of the best surgeons, hospitals and other medical providers. Simon has also been instrumental in our design and movement into accepting Private Medical Insurance. By offering this service, Simon has helped in our goal of helping even more patients. A large step for Medbelle was establishing the Medical Advisory Committee, of which Simon was a large part of setting up; through the MAC, patients can rest assured that they are receiving the highest quality care. Aside from Simon’s work, he is also very active in the charity sector, both raising money and donating his expertise and time; for the ORBIS eye care charity, he helped set up clinics across India, Myanmar and many countries in Africa.


  • Developing the Medbelle Digital Hospital for Self-Pay and PMI Patients to cater for more and more Medbelle patients
  • Manage Regulatory requirements and relationship development by delivering high-quality, safe and effective surgical outcomes in caring, high-quality environments.
  • Foster mutually beneficial relationships with the best surgeons, hospitals and medical providers
  • Establishment and management of a Medical Advisory Committee to meet the CQC's key lines of enquiry to be best in class for patient outcomes constantly.
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