Steffie Watts

Medbelle position

Orthopaedic Patient Healthcare Adviser


BN (Hons)

Steffie Watts

Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Deakin University

Work Experience

Steffie began working at a local hospital as a Registered Nurse.

She provided coordinated care for patients in a safe and timely manner with professionalism and excellence. Working with a multidisciplinary team taught her to be an effective team member while making clinical decisions. In this role, she gained a variety of critical healthcare skills, including cannulation, catheterisation, drain management, surgical wound care, pre-and postoperative.

For Steffie, working at Medbelle was the perfect opportunity to use her medical experience and her strong sense of care towards others. Looking after patients as they undergo such life-changing procedures is a huge part of the job for Steffie, and the ability to educate and inform those considering surgery gave Steffie a real drive to make positive changes to healthcare.

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