Breast Lift Surgery FAQs

Breast Lift Surgery FAQs

How Long Do I Have to Wait After Breastfeeding to Have Breast Lift Surgery?

Your surgeon may ask that you stop breastfeeding and for lactation to have stopped for at least 3 to 6 months before having your breast uplift surgery consultation. This allows enough time for your breasts to settle back to their pre-pregnancy shape and size before the surgery which in turn allows your surgeon to assess the best techniques and approach for your procedure.

Can I Have Breast Lift Surgery on the NHS?

As breast uplift surgery is a cosmetic procedure, it is not usually available on the NHS. In some rare cases, it may be available on the NHS, for example as a part of reconstructive surgery.

How Long After Pregnancy Must I Wait to Have Breast Lift Surgery?

If you have recently given birth, your surgeon may make you wait anywhere from three to six months postpartum before having breast uplift surgery. This time allows your body and breasts to settle back down to their pre-pregnancy size and shape so your surgeon can assess what techniques they need to use to get you the results you want.

Furthermore, if you have chosen to breastfeed you'll need to wait until you have stopped lactating for at least three months before moving forward with the breast uplift procedure.

Do I Need a Referral From My GP in Order to Have Breast Lift Surgery?

Your surgeon will likely be happy to see you without a referral letter from your GP. They may, however, ask to contact your GP for details regarding your medical history to better prepare for your breast lift surgery. Certain medical conditions may need to be signed off by your GP prior to having the procedure, but your Patient Care Adviser will be able to let you know if that is necessary for you.

Published: Monday 1 February 2021

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