Brow Lift Surgery Recovery and Postoperative FAQs

Brow Lift Surgery Recovery and Postoperative FAQs

How long will my brow lift results last?

The results of your brow lift will last many years. Despite this, no procedure can stop the effects of time and ageing. As a result, some wrinkle lines may return over the following years. The technique used, your skin thickness and elasticity and environmental damage will also affect how long the results last for.

When can I shower and wash my hair after a brow lift?

Your BAAPS/BAPRAS surgeon will give you specific advice regarding when you can shower and wash your hair after a brow lift. Generally, you may shower the day after the surgery and wash your hair with a mild shampoo two days after surgery. Blow dry your hair on the cool setting or if possible, let it dry naturally. Take care to be gentle when combing or brushing your hair.

Published: Friday 31 December 2021

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