Buttock Lift Surgery FAQs

Buttock Lift Surgery FAQs

Will I Lose Weight From a Buttock Lift?

Excess skin and fat will be removed during a buttock lift, which, of course, can cause your weight to decrease slightly. However, this is unlikely to result in a large amount of weight loss and will only affect the buttock area.

The amount of skin and fat removed will vary from case to case and so this procedure is not an appropriate replacement for a good diet and regular exercise. If you would like more information or support on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, your Patient Care Adviser will be happy to help you.

What are the Effects of Alcohol, Smoking and Recreational Drugs on Buttock Lift Surgery?

If you smoke, drink alcohol, or take recreational drugs, then you may be at an increased risk of developing complications during and after your buttock lift procedure. Smoking, in particular, will delay the time it takes any wounds to heal and increases the risk of infection. It is strongly encouraged that you stop smoking and using nicotine products for at least six weeks before and after surgery.

Make sure to follow your surgeon’s specific instructions regarding smoking, drinking alcohol and using drugs before your buttock lift, no matter how much or little you consume. This ensures that you have a smooth recovery and end up with the best possible results from your procedure.

Published: Tuesday 9 February 2021

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