Cheek Enhancement Surgery FAQs

Cheek Enhancement Surgery FAQs

Will the NHS Pay For My Cheek Enhancement?

A cheek enhancement is typically regarded as a cosmetic procedure. As a result, it is not usually performed on the NHS.

Do I Need a GP Referral Before I Have a Cheek Enhancement?

Most plastic surgeons will be happy to see you for an initial consultation without a referral from your GP. But if you plan to go ahead with cosmetic surgery, your surgeon may ask your permission to contact your GP for details of your medical history.

What Are The Effects of Smoking and Alcohol on a Cheek Enhancement?

Smoking greatly increases the risks of complications. It can lead to longer healing time and increases the risk of infection. As a result, we recommend you stop smoking at least six weeks before and after surgery. In addition, alcohol and recreational drugs may also increase the rate of complications. We therefore recommend you recommend abstaining from alcohol during this time too.

It is very important that you answer any questions you have before your surgery. Your BAAPS/BAPRAS surgeon will be happy to answer any of these questions. Alternatively, you can speak to one of our patient care advisers and they will be happy to help provide more information.

How Long Will My Cheek Enhancement Results Last For?

The results of a cheek enhancement will last many years. However, no procedure can stop the effects of ageing. This may lead to a reduction in volume over time and may require further procedures in the future. Stopping smoking and maintaining a healthy lifestyle help to avoid this from occurring.

Published: Thursday 24 June 2021

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