Facelift Surgery Recovery and Postoperative FAQs

Facelift Surgery Recovery and Postoperative FAQs

How Long Will My Facelift Last For?

A facelift is not a permanent solution. No cosmetic procedure can stop the effects of time and ageing. Genetic factors and environmental factors such as sun exposure and smoking can also speed up the natural ageing process and reverse the effects of a facelift. However, the results achieved from facelift surgery are long-lasting.

This will also depend on the type of procedure you have, the technique used, and the quality of your facial tissue. The effects of a full facelift can remain for over a decade. This means that most patients only undergo one facelift in their lifetime. There are some precautions you can take to limit the effects of environmental factors. These include using sunscreen, wearing sunglasses and a hat when outside, moisturising regularly and staying healthy and hydrated.

Can I Wear Makeup After Facelift Surgery?

You should not wear makeup until your surgeon gives you the approval to do this. Usually, it is possible to start wearing makeup again two weeks after your procedure. You can then use camouflage cosmetic products if you wish to cover any bruising you may have. Talk to your Patient Care Adviser if you're ever unsure of what you can and can't do following facelift surgery.

When Can I Shower and Wash My Hair After Facelift Surgery?

Your surgeon will give you specific advice on how to wash and bathe after the surgery.  In general, you may shower and wash your hair 48 hours after facelift surgery. Use a mild shampoo and be particularly careful around the surgical area. You can also blow dry your hair on a cool setting. Be gentle when brushing or combing your hair so that you do not catch your comb in the suture lines. You must follow your surgeon’s specific advice.

When Will I Feel Comfortable Attending Major Events After Facelift Surgery?

It is normal to feel a little self-conscious when you are in public due to the swelling, redness and bruising around the treated area after a facelift. However, the vast majority of bruising and swelling should have settled by around four weeks. By this time, most people feel comfortable enough to be seen by friends and colleagues. Full recovery, however, takes several months. We, therefore, advise that you plan ahead. If you have a major event coming up such as a wedding or birthday, plan your surgery two to three months before it.

Published: Friday 5 February 2021

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