Gastric Band Surgery FAQs

Gastric Band Surgery FAQs

Is the Gastric Band Operation Permanent?

The gastric band is designed to be in place for a long time, but it is a reversible procedure. A further keyhole operation later in the future would be required to remove the gastric band. There are no long-term changes to the stomach meaning that it would eventually resume its original shape. This means, however, that weight could be put back on. It would be important to maintain a healthy lifestyle if you wished to have the band removed and to continue at your lower BMI.

How Quickly Will I Lose Weight After My Gastric Band Surgery?

You will meet with your surgeon four to six weeks after the operation. It is then that your surgeon will inject the sterile fluid through the injection port. This is when the gastric band will inflate to reduce the entry into the stomach. Therefore, from six weeks you can expect a gradual decline in weight and BMI. The aim of the procedure is to enable you to have a steady and sustainable reduction is weight. Therefore, we expect you to gradually lose weight over the following 18 months. The surgery will not result in instant weight loss. You can lose up to 50% of your excess weight, but this requires you to follow lifestyle advice in combination with the procedure.

Can I Become Pregnant After Gastric Band Surgery?

Gastric band surgery does not affect your fertility but it could impact upon a pregnancy if you were to become pregnant. It is therefore advised that you do not get pregnant during the first 18 months following surgery. This is because this is the period in which you lose the most significant amounts of weight. This weight loss, paired with a possible change in your vitamin and mineral levels, could negatively impact upon the baby. Do speak to your GP about contraception. Equally, if you plan to become pregnant in the future, discuss this with your GP so they can check your nutritional status and advise on the need for supplements.

Do I Need a GP Referral for Gastric Band Surgery?

Most surgeons will be happy to see you without a referral from your GP. However, at a later date they may wish to get in contact with your GP. This would be to gather more information about your medical history or any medications that you take. Your consent would be sought before the information was shared between the GP and your surgeon.

Published: Tuesday 9 February 2021

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