Nipple Correction Surgery FAQs

Nipple Correction Surgery FAQs

Is a Nipple Correction Available on the NHS?

Nipple corrections are sometimes offered on the NHS. This is, however, uncommon for non-cancer patients as a nipple correction is largely thought to be a cosmetic procedure.

Do I Need a GP Referral for a Nipple Correction?

The majority of plastic surgeons will see you for a nipple correction consultation without a referral from your GP. If you plan to go ahead with the procedure, however, your surgeon may ask your GP for your medical history.

How Long After Pregnancy Must I Wait to Have a Nipple Correction?

If you have recently given birth, you may need to wait 3 to 6 months before you have your nipple correction procedure.

How Long After Breastfeeding Must I Wait to Have a Nipple Correction?

Your surgeon may require you to stop breastfeeding for 3 to 6 months before your nipple correction. This is to allow the breasts and nipples to have enough time to settle before your procedure. If you have recently given birth or are planning on having children in the foreseeable future, you should notify your surgeon in your initial consultation. They will advise you on the best course of action.

Will I Need Additional Surgeries After My Nipple Correction?

There is a chance that after a nipple correction, your nipple may invert again. This mainly depends on the technique that your surgeon chooses to use. It is more likely to occur when the short milk ducts are pulled and not cut or divided. If this occurs, you may require further surgery to correct this.

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