Tummy Tuck Surgery Recovery and Postoperative FAQs

Tummy Tuck Surgery Recovery and Postoperative FAQs

Are The Results of a Tummy Tuck Permanent?

As we grow older our bodies continue to change and our skin continues to lose its elasticity. Despite this, the results of a tummy tuck should last many years. The results will last longer if you avoid pregnancy and major weight changes.
Your BAAPS/BAPRAS surgeon will do their best to achieve the best, most long-lasting results possible.

Can I Get Pregnant After Having a Tummy Tuck?

There is no reason you would not be able to get pregnant following a tummy tuck provided you had the ability prior to undergoing the procedure. The surgery does not interfere with the reproductive system.

However, it's important to note that it's recommended that you should have complete your family before you consider having a tummy tuck. This is because any further pregnancies may re-stretch the muscles and skin on the abdomen. Thereby reversing the results of the surgery. Please discuss any concerns you have with your Patient Care Adviser and be honest with your surgeon in regards to your future life plans.

What Effect can Taking Recreational Drug Use Have on My Tummy Tuck?

Smoking, having a large BMI, drinking large amounts of alcohol and taking drugs or medications are all factors that can increase the risk of complications occurring during and after tummy tuck surgery. Smoking, in particular, can delay the time it takes for your wounds to heal, and therefore increase the risk of developing wound infections. You must therefore stop smoking for a minimum of 6 weeks before and after your operation.

What Effect Will Weight Gain or Weight Loss Have on the Results of a Tummy tuck?

The aim of a tummy tuck is to remove excess skin and tighten the abdominal muscles that you cannot do through exercise and diet alone. It is not a procedure to aid weight loss and you must therefore reach your optimal weight before having surgery. Excessive weight loss after the operation will produce excess loose skin which can negatively affect the results of surgery.

Similarly, excessive weight gain after a tummy tuck will stretch the abdominal skin and muscles. This will result in loss of the muscle tone and firmness that was achieved with surgery, thereby affecting the long-term aesthetic results of the procedure. The effect this has depends on the amount of weight that you lose or gain, but minor changes should not affect the results. Talk to your surgeon if you have concerns.

Published: Wednesday 3 February 2021

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