Brow Lift

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Procedure time

1 to 2 hours

Overnight stay

Day case or one night


General anaesthetic or local anaesthetic with sedation

Final results

6 to 12 months

Brow lift overview

What is a brow lift?

A brow lift is a very popular cosmetic procedure in the UK.  The medical name for a brow lift is a browplasty. Before considering having this procedure, it is important that you fully understand what the procedure involves.  This brow lift overview will explain what a brow lift is and what it can achieve.

What can a brow lift achieve?

In a brow lift, the skin of the forehead is pulled and secured back. This acts to elevate the eyebrows and reduce wrinkles on the forehead.
As you age, your skin begins to lose its elasticity, causing your skin to hang more loosely. This is how you develop wrinkles. This loss of elastic tissue on your forehead can, therefore, cause wrinkling of the skin in that area and can also cause drooping of the eyebrows over your eyelids.  In a brow lift, your BAAPS/BAPRAS surgeon would pull the forehead skin back and secure it in place so that it will no longer hang loosely. This will eliminate both forehead wrinkles and drooping eyebrows.
You may consider having a brow lift if you:

  • Would like to get rid of wrinkles on your forehead
  • Would like to lift low-set or drooping eyebrows
  • Are self-conscious of frown lines between your eyebrows
  • Have seen no improvement in the drooping of your forehead after having Botox injections
  • Are experiencing visual disturbances due to the drooping of your forehead or brows.


The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) and The British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) are the two main plastic surgery societies in the UK.  These societies promote ongoing teaching, learning, and research in all members of the society. Plastic surgeons who are members of either society attend regular teaching and training conferences to ensure their skills and technique are adequate and up to date.
At Medbelle, we want to ensure that all of our patients receive the highest standard of care available.  This is why we choose to only work with surgeons who belong to either BAAPS or BAPRAS. When choosing your surgeon, it is very important for you to check if they are a BAAPS/BAPRAS member before planning to have surgery.  This will ensure you are in safe hands for your brow lift.

Surgery results and benefits vary per individual.
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