Additional Information about your Procedure

Below we have outlined additional information important to your procedure. Please read through carefully, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to your Patient Care Adviser.

Additional Information about your Procedure

Pre-Operative Requirements & Appointments

The hospital’s team will contact you directly to inform you of your pre-operative requirements and schedule any necessary appointments relating to this. Depending on your procedure and medical history, this may be a phone call or one or two in-person appointments at the hospital. Typically, these appointments take place one to two weeks prior to your procedure date.

The hospital’s team will also provide you with your admission time for the day of your procedure and any instructions from the anaesthetist (i.e. fasting times and fluid intake prior to admission).

Covid-19 information

The hospital will have their own Covid-19 safety plan with regulations in place to protect the health of patients and healthcare workers. They will inform you of the requirements, and make sure you know if you need to get a Covid-19 test before you are admitted to hospital.

Post-Op Physiotherapy

If you have post-op physiotherapy sessions as part of your treatment plan, they are essential to aid your recovery following discharge from the hospital. These sessions can be arranged at either the hospital where you have surgery or, if you would like a more local option, we can make a referral to a physiotherapy clinic that is closer to home. Alternatively, if you would like to make your own arrangements regarding this, the post-op physiotherapy costs can be removed from the package price.

Medbelle Care Programme

Our Medbelle Care Programme is a benefits programme available to support patients through their entire private care experience.

If you have become a member, you are entitled to the following benefits for 12 months:

  • Medbelle’s dedicated Patient Care service
  • One-year membership to a virtual GP platform
  • Transparent pricing for further care and favourable rates for future surgeries in Bupa-approved facilities

For more information relating to the Medbelle Care Programme, click here

Hospital Invoices

In the unlikely event that you receive an invoice directly from the hospital regarding your procedure, do not worry; this can be easily corrected as it is typically just an administration error. In any instance, please reply to the hospital with your Bupa membership number and pre-authorisation code. Also, remember to inform your Patient Care Adviser, who will resolve this matter for you.

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